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The entire Porsche Esports Carrera Cup 2024 driver line-up from the front


Race Report - The grand finale of the PECCD24 on three race tracks.

The battle for the €25,000 prize pool in the PECCD24 - victory for Maximilian Benecke.

On April 6, the PECCD24 reached its climax with the long-awaited finale. Simracers competed for victory on three challenging race tracks - the Hockenheimring, Spa and Road Atlanta. The previous five races had already accounted for 25% of the points for the overall standings, but now the remaining 75% took center stage. It was a decisive moment in which the drivers used all their skills to claim the title of champion and climb the podium.

Standings before the final:

1st place: Maximilian Benecke76 Punkte
2nd place: Moritz Löhner61 Punkte
3rd place: Thibault Cazaubon56 Punkte
4th place: Jiri Toman52 Punkte
5th place: Patrik Holzmann42 Punkte
6th place: Michal Šmìdl36 Punkte
7th place: Christopher Dambietz33 Punkte
8th place: Lukas Mateja32 Punkte
9th place: Enzo Bonito19 Punkte
10th place: Nico Nünninghoff18 Punkte
11th place: Dennis Schöniger9 Punkte
12th place: Lukas Egger9 Punkte
The first race of the final, which took place at the unique Hockenheimring, was dominated throughout by Maximilian Benecke. He secured a pole position start in both qualifying and the race. The race itself proved to be rather cautious, with only a few overtaking maneuvers, especially in the front field of drivers. Benecke confidently maintained his lead and secured another important victory to start the final.
Two Simracers drive close together on the race track

The second race took place at the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit, where Maximilian Benecke continued his impressive performance and once again secured first place in qualifying for Race 2. Benecke's previously uninterrupted pole position start proved to be characteristic in the PECCD24. Behind him, Thibault Cazaubon asserted himself confidently in second place, which meant that the first two places in the race series seemed to be all but taken. Nevertheless, the tension remained high in the battle for third place, with Jiri Toman and Moritz Löhner fighting a thrilling duel.

The final race of the PECCD24 was held on the Road Atlanta circuit. Cazaubon showed off his driving skills there and secured pole position thanks to the preceding qualifying session - the first time a driver other than Benecke has started from this position in the PECCD24. Benecke secured second place in the race, which ultimately meant his overall victory. The race for third place between Toman and Löhner remained exciting right to the end. In the final laps, Toman managed to position himself just ahead of Löhner and thus secure third place, just one point ahead on the final leaderboard.

This time, the final could also be followed live at the Porsche Brand Store in Stuttgart. A live stream made it possible to follow the action. In addition to the thrilling races, there were expert talks with the drivers of the Porsche Coanda Esports Team, Mitchell deJong and Joshua Rogers, who provided insights into their experiences. Simracing simulators offered visitors to the Brand Store the opportunity to get behind the wheel and put their skills to the test.

With the outcome of the grand final on April 6, 2024, the distribution of the €25,000 prize pool was also determined. Maximilian Benecke emerged as the PECCD24 champion and secured a unique virtual livery in racing in addition to the prize money of €12,000. Thibault Cazaubon finished in 2nd place and Jiri Toman took 3rd place on the podium.


Final result of the PECCD24:
1st place: Maximilian Benecke
2nd place: Thibault Cazaubon
3rd place: Jiri Toman
4th place: Moritz Löhner
5th place: Christopher Dambietz
6th place: Michal Šmìdl
7th place: Lukas Mateja
8th place: Nico Nünninghoff
9th place: Joachim Thunder
10th place: Flavio Tusithiphonexay
11th place: Lukas Egger

We look back on an exciting PECCD season with many highlights and unexpected twists, which could be followed in the livestream of the Porsche Twitch channel or RaceSpot TV YouTube channel. 

We can't wait to see what awaits us in the next PECCD season! To make sure you don't miss anything, follow us on our social media channels on Instagram and Twitter and join our PECCD25 Discord!


Simracer and winner of the PECCD24 Benecke from the front
Thibault Cazaubon in the lead ahead of the field of riders
Driver field visible from behind

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