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2 times top 10.

Penultimate race in Berlin, first on a new track layout. It was a successful day for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team – with a small downside.

Berlin presented itself from its pleasant side again for the first evening of the last doubleheader. Meaning: the best motorsport conditions for the Formula E – and good starting positions for both Porsche drivers. Neel Jani lined up on the grid on third spot, André Lotterer on position 7.

The start of the race was picture perfect: Both drivers defended their positions and managed to enter the race on good standings. The technical course led to some tight spots, as shown right at the start – though this time, Neel Jani and André Lotterer were spared of the chaos going on behind them. Just like on Sunday, André Lotterer worked his way forward from the first round on, while Neel Jani held his third spot.

A tactical race.

The top 10 were packed closely, leading to an increasingly strategic race: Attack mode has never been more decisive than today. Employing a smart strategy, André Lotterer – once more graced with Fanboost – moved forward onto fourth spot. In front of him: team colleague Neel Jani on third spot. Placing Porsche with both drivers among the best 5. There was no room for mercy nor kindness at the top of the field. Over and over, both Porsche drivers launched attacks others and tried their luck. At the same time, they had to defend their own spots – a nerve-wracking race.

Neel Jani was locked in a compelling three-way battle against Alex Lynn and Mitch Evans. Employing good energy management and by maintaining a beautiful ideal line, the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team driver could assert himself against Evans. Neel Jani finished on position 6. And with that, the man from Switzerland is among the top 10 in Berlin. Toward the end of the race a thrilling duel between André Lotterer and René Rast broke out, leading all the way to the final round. Lotterer defended his third place masterfully with strong maneuvers in the narrow combination of curves all the way to the last curve. As both raced toward the finish line, wheel to wheel, Rast pressed forward – coming in contact with the Porsche driver – and past Lotterer. Just how intense this passing maneuver was, was clearly recognizable by the damage done to Rast’s Audi.

With the penultimate Formula E event of the running season, both TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team drivers fought their way through a good race into the top 10. That’s position 4 and 6 during the home race in Berlin in the rookie season: That’s how you get some athletic publicity for the Formula E and for motorsport. Tomorrow will be the last entry into the starting grid in Berlin for both Porsche drivers. And after today’s race, tomorrow can’t come soon enough.