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Fast catch-up in race 9.

Though today was slightly rainy in Berlin, the heat didn’t abate. But that wasn’t the only thing to introduce some heat to the asphalt.

The sky over Berlin was gray when compared to the previous days. And thus, both TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team drivers entered the grid under darkened skies. Neel Jani started from the 22nd spot, while André Lotterer began from position 18. Though that was only a split moment of the entire race – right after the start, an impressive game of catch-up began.

“We go green and we go yellow”.

The race had barely begun and immediately, the pace dropped. Right in the first round, familiar events came about in Berlin: full course yellow led by the safety car. So, the field stayed as dense as it started and any battles for positions were delayed – though not for long. The moment the green flags were swung on Templehof, the field upped the pace. And with it: André Lotterer. With impressive will, he pushed himself past the competition minute by minute. One moment, he’s gathering up an Attack Mode, the next he’s losing a position – but continuously, he brought himself back. Unstoppably plowing forward through the field, until he found himself on position 10. That is to say: back in the top 10! But today, 10th spot wasn’t enough: Thanks to the great Attack Mode strategy of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, he caught up on another 2 spots. Porsche driver André Lotterer crosses the finish line in 8th place and manages to gain points once more.

Team colleague Neel Jani also improved his standing throughout the race and pushed a few places forward. He finished the ninth race of the current season on position 19.

Though a sunny summer mood was missed, the temperatures remained high throughout the entire race. But they weren’t what put the heat on the competition, and therefore on the track – rather, it was the effort of both TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team drivers. Particularly after André Lotterer’s showing, the track might need a break. Though if you ask the fans, the race can keep on going. And that’s what it’ll do in the grand finale of the Formula E this coming Wednesday – with an entirely new track layout. Though everything else, will remain the same.


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