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Podium in Berlin: A kick-off to match.

Not only the Formula E promotes itself with a thrilling race. André Lotterer races outstandingly right off the bat onto the podium in the grand finale.

It was ready to go. But then the re-start of the running Formula E season was delayed: The starting light was on, the drivers in the starting grid – but something was off. No problem: Just a manual switch-off of the starting light in Berlin later, it glowed red 5 times and then finally, green. The “six pack” on Templehof was on go.

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team driver André Lotterer started into the race from third spot and managed to defend his placement thanks to a better driving line. The field crowded at first and then stretched out: Like pearls on a string, the drivers raced across the former airport, the buzz of electric motors filling the air. This dynamic was short-lived and ended when the safety car had to take to the track. The field crowded close once more. Now it was all about conserving energy. Who has the best management until the green flag clears the track again? Both, Neel Jani and André Lotterer managed their energy in exemplary fashion – an important note for the further course of the race.

Green flag in Berlin.

The very moment the race was cleared again, the battles for the best positions at the top broke out once more. The pressure on the third spot of André Lotterer increased and as expected, he dropped by a single placement as soon as he charged his Attack Mode. Still, he stayed on the tail of position 3. Neel Jani drove a solid race with a good pacing in the middle field. And suddenly, an announcement from race control: “full course yellow”. Felipe Massa had slid into the boundary and stopped on the edge of the track. So: everything back to start. Every advantage gained – lost. With a maximum of 50 kilometers per hour, the field trekked along the track. Once more, it was about saving energy for all drivers, for the final minutes.

Just 5 more minutes.

What a drama in Berlin! André Lotterer takes the second spot,as Sam Bird needed to gather up his last Attack Mode – but it was exactly this extra boost of energy the Brit needed to pull ahead. The Porsche driver and Sam Bird chase across the finish line into the final round, locked in a furious duel. This was where the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team driver could prove his mettle: Right before it all ended, he managed to claw his way onto the second spot with a clever maneuver in one of the final curves. André Lotterer takes to the podium for the kick-off in Berlin.

A kick-off to match, you could say. After all: There’s room for improvement in the remaining 5 races. Not much, luckily! But there’s one more step available for another highlight in the course of the great season finale. It’s on track. There’s not much time for recovery, because there’s another round to go tomorrow in Berlin. But after a race like this, it might be better to ask: Who wants to take a break anyway?