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Mixed feelings during race 8.

Today, awaiting the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team drivers, was the first race of the doubleheader dipped in picturesque light. Neel Jani and André Lotterer had differing experiences today in Berlin. And yet, the good weighs out the bad.

The second doubleheader of the great Formula E finale on the former Berlin Tempelhof airport began with excellent weather and a low-hanging evening sun. This time, it went counterclockwise around the track. Due to a quick qualifying, Porsche driver André Lotterer launched into the race from 7th spot. After a great start, he managed to defend himself and solidify his position among the top 10. This is also where hard-fought battles for the positions broke out mere seconds after the start. The drivers didn’t give an inch in an extremely crowded field in the upper third: Under repeated attacks, the Porsche driver managed to continuously defend his position.

Tight, tighter, too tight.

The fierce battles were not only a thing in the leading field though. Neel Jani, racing from position 16, felt the full brunt of it after a narrow right curve. At first, the vehicle in front of him spun around, forcing him to evade, then all open space to his left simply vanished: In this tight field, he collided with Sérgio Sette Câmara und spun himself. Tough luck for Jani, who, up to this point, was delivering a solid performance!

After all this, the safety car brought the field back together beneath a setting sun. Any gained leads were lost and once more it meant one thing for the drivers: conserve energy and spare the tires until the track is cleared again. And André Lotterer? Bright and awake upon track clearing, enabling him to up the pressure on the preceding driver. Employing a high pace, he took advantage of even the smallest of gaps to push forward. During a thrilling final phase of the race, he managed to advance the ranking with each round. In the final moments of the race, he passed Oliver Rowland in a beautiful maneuver and secured 5th spot. Which he didn’t surrender all the way to the finish line, all thanks to the Fanboost. So, you could say that the fans of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team played a key role this time – after all, they gave André Lotterer that little extra from the Fanboost.

After a strong race on a new track layout, he rewarded himself and the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team with a great position and more points. After today, all fans can expect more excitement during the race tomorrow. That’s when it’s “We go green in Berlin” for Neel Jani and André Lotterer once more. And hopefully, illuminated again by a beautiful sunset.