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Interview with the Racing for Charity organizations.

A victory with every lap.

Much is on the line for Porsche Penske Motorsport: Beside the 20th overall victory in Le Mans, the drivers of the three Hypercar vehicles will be pressing hard to cross the start-finish line as often as possible. With every round, a sum will be donated to the three non-profit organizations Kinderherzen retten e. V., Interplast Germany e. V. and the Ferry Porsche Foundation. We spoke with Professor Friedhelm Beyersdorf, founder of Kinderherzen retten e. V. and Professor Jürgen Dolderer, member of the board of Interplast Germany e. V.

Question: How did you learn about being chosen for Racing for Charity?


Prof. Beyersdorf: It was a great experience for us. We knew about Racing for Charity, but we didn’t know which charity organization would be chosen. Finally, we heard from the Corporate Social Responsibility Team that Interplast Germany e. V. and Kinderherzen retten e. V. were chosen. Of course, we’re extremely happy about that.


Question: How do you feel about it?


Prof. Dolderer: We’re very proud that Kinderherzen retten e. V. and Interplast Germany e. V. are part of this great event at Le Mans, and to have this great opportunity.  


Question: Tell us about your projects. 


Prof. Beyersdorf: We do have two excellent projects. The one I founded in 2002 is “Save the childrens’ hearts” – Kinderherzen retten e. V. This is an organization that enables children from underdeveloped countries, who have heart diseases that cannot be treated in their home countries. The project brings these children to the university hospital in Freiburg (Germany) to treat them with just one operation, helping them achieve a normal life expectancy. Fortunately, 70 to 80 percent of all heart diseases in children can all be treated with one surgery alone. This sadly isn’t possible in underdeveloped countries, as the infrastructure and required personnel isn’t available everywhere – so the operations can only be done in certain countries. We want to give something back to these underdeveloped countries and to the children, and to help them live a normal life. 


Prof. Dolderer: Our project, Interplast Germany e. V., is dedicated to humanitarian plastic and reconstructive surgery in third-world countries. We operate children and young adults with severe deformities caused by accidents, burns and tumors or with congenital deformations. The great aim is to provide them with an improved quality of life – such as returning to school, training for a job or even just surviving. Our volunteer doctors operate globally and often in countries where there is no expertise in these fields or with according operating facilities. 


Question: What connects you with Motorsport and the Porsche brand?  


Prof. Beyersdorf: I’ve been connected to Porsche for quite a long time – though for personal reasons. I’ve known several people from Porsche for quite a long time and I was always impressed by their attention to detail – what they have done over many years to improve the Porsche company. There are many parallels to my profession as a heart surgeon. Heart surgery also involves a hundred steps before a single procedure is done. Every single step has to be perfect. If it is not, there will be an issue toward the end of the operation. This is similar to what Porsche is about and that is something I have always admired. 


Question: What’s the result for Porsche you’re hoping for? 


Prof. Dolderer: We’re of course hoping for a great result – as many laps as possible – and we’re very thankful for the donation from Racing for Charity. It helps several children to improve their life with both projects. 


Thank you, Professor Friedhelm Beyersdorf and Professor Jürgen Dolderer for your time.


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