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Racing for Charity.

Make every lap count.

During the 24 Hours of Le Mans, more than just the 20th overall victory will be on the line for the Porsche Penske Motorsport Team: With each completed round of one of the three Porsche 963, the donation sum for three beneficiary organizations increases.

Those who took a closer look during exhibit of the three Porsche factory car Le Mans liveries could catch a glimpse of a less well-known logo: Racing for Charity. This is an initiative of Porsche AG, which has already supported various charitable causes through fundraising campaigns in other areas of the company. Initially, this initiative began with 'Aces for Charity' during the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and was continued during the Porsche Soccer Cup with 'Goals for Chairty'. Now, the initiative was expanded to motorsport with 'Racing for Charity', and is doing its part to raise funds for three charities with every lap completed by the three Porsche 963 factory cars.


To Porsche, this commitment is only natural: supporting charities is essential to Porsche's DNA. For years, the brand has supported multiple charitable initiatives, focusing on projects in fice core areas: sports, culture, environment and social affairs along with education and science. This enabled the support of 150 projects worldwide in 2022.

Social commitment is an integral part of our culture. We are pleased when we, as a team, can provide help where it is desperately needed.

Andreas HaffnerMember of the Executive Board, Human Resources and Social Affairs

Racing for Charity.

During the 24 Hours of Le Mans, three factory team Porsche 963 vehicles will be participating. The drivers of #5, #6 and #75 will give their all in the endurance race to complete as many rounds as possible on the track in France. Because each round of one of the vehicles, the donated sum is increased.


In the past, the prototype vehicles of the WEC managed to complete around 380 laps in Le Mans. How many rounds the three factory vehicles will actually reach will only become clear on race day, as safety car and full course yellow phases may reduce the maximum amount of laps. Still: The winners on the podium of the endurance race will reach the highest amount of laps and now, that is more reason for the Porsche Penske Motorsport Team to set their sights on it.


The following three non-profit organisations will receive the collected donation sum:

Kinderherzen retten e. V.

This organization helps children receive urgently needed heart surgery in highly specialized clinics in Germany. In particular, children from countries with limited medical care or lack of financial resources receive support from Kinderherzen retten e. V. in the form of a one-time operation to completely restore the heart function of the affected children. The funds are used to provide accommodation for the children and their relatives for the duration of the medical procedure and also to give children's heart surgery teams from their home countries access to the knowledge and experience of local surgeons.


So far, the organization could successfully treat over 257 children worldwide.

The first chairperson, Josephine Fuchs (right) and the second chairperson, Prof. Dr. Johannes Kroll (left) visiting one of the supported children (middle) during recovery in hospital.
One of the supported children (center) of Kinderherzen retten e. V. with the chairman Prof. Dr. Johannes Kroll (left) and chairwoman Josephine Fuchs (right).

Interplast Germany e. V.

The volunteers of Interplast Germany are, among others, medical specialists who travel around the world, free of charge and often during their vacation time, to help children with limitations due to severe disfigurement by offering them plastic surgery. Especially in countries where not everyone has easy access to medical care, this support is a great help to significantly improve the quality of life of the affected children. In addition, local medical staff is trained to be able to help even more children in the future.
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dolderer (left) and Dr. Dr. Rüdiger Herr (center) during a throat inspection of one of the supported children (right).
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dolderer (left) and Dr. Dr. Rüdiger Herr (center) from the section Baden-Baden/Bayreuth.

Ferry Porsche Foundation

The Ferry Porsche Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life of people and the environment in multiple areas. For this purpose, non-profit organizations and institutions can submit corresponding grant applications to receive financial support from the foundation. Especially for smaller, local projects, this non-profit organization is a great help, as it allows the focus to remain on project implementation without financial constraints shifting the focus.


Whatever the outcome of the endurance race at the Sarthe - every lap of the Porsche Penske Motorsport team is a victory for children and young people who, without the support of Kinderherzen retten e. V., Interplast Germany e. V. and the Ferry Porsche Foundation, have had little chance of improving their situation.

Some children in wheelchairs on a playground, one is being pushed across a floor trampoline by a supervisor.