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A furious race at Road Atlanta: race #5 in the PESC.

Just like the previous season, last weekend's race at Road Atlanta was a real spectacle. After the rookie driver, Charlie Collins, secured pole position in the qualifying, he was unable to withstand the pressure from Joshua Rogers in the sprint race. The Australian confidently won the sprint race, ahead of his fellow countryman, Dayne Warren, and Charlie Collins. The main race was dominated by the duel between Kevin Ellis Jr and Tommy Østgaard, as well as Mitchell deJong, for almost its entire 20 laps. But nobody could have predicted what was to happen in the last lap of the race and the final bends. The title defender, Sebastian Job from Red Bull Racing Esports, experienced a race day to forget at Road Atlanta.

Slipstream and few opportunities to overtake.

Slipstream is a particular feature of the Road Atlanta races in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing: so the first 17 vehicles had to drive in convoy. While only the chicane just before the end of the lap provides a clear opportunity to overtake, resulting in many collisions and breakdowns on other sections of the circuit. There were just sporadic bursts of the thrilling head-to-head action seen in Silverstone – as the world's 40 best simracers approached the fifth race of the season in a highly cautious and judicious manner. In the sprint race, Joshua Rogers overtook pole-setter and rookie driver, Charlie Collins, as early as the first lap. The Australian maintained his position until the end, clinching a commanding victory.

Same story in the main race. But the final lap was in a class of its own.

Every day is Groundhog Day at Road Atlanta. In the main race, the Norwegian, Tommy Østgaard, started from pole position, thanks to the reverse starting grid and his eighth place in the sprint race. For almost the entire duration of the main race, he fought an open battle with Kevin Ellis Jr. After 17 laps, Mitchell deJong joined the leading duo and significantly increased the pressure on Østgaard, leaving him behind in the chicane. Following a short slide by the Norwegian, Joshua Rogers passed him and then chased Mitchell deJong, who had already overtaken Kevin Ellis Jr.

Just before the end of the race, the result appeared to be clear: but on the final lap, the two leaders collided with each other. Mitchell deJong flew off the track and Kevin Ellis Jr touched the barrier. The beneficiary was Joshua Rogers, who surprisingly found himself back in first place. On the home straight, there was another contact between Joshua Rogers and Kevin Ellis Jr, who slewed across the finish line in third place.

No time to relax. Montreal awaits.

After a disappointing 12th place in the sprint race and finishing 18th in the main race, title defender, Sebastian Job, was visibly exhausted. While he battled his way back into the points following a crash in the main race, the crucial points went to his rivals. Taking a deep breath, shaking off his frustration and fully focusing on Montreal is now his motto. Because on 27 February, the action continues for the world's best simracers. As always, the All-Star winner, Emily Jones a.k.a. Emree, will be there and is bound to have a lot of fun overtaking in Canada. You can watch the next race live on 27 February from 17:30 (UTC) on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as the Porsche Facebook page. #NeverNotRacing