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PESC 2022 – All Teams and drivers.

Apex Racing

It was 2012 when founder of the Apex Racing team Alex Simpson had one goal: to create a sim racing team and participate in the iRacing World Championship. 10 years later the team has expanded to various race series on iRacing and been represented in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup since 2019.

30 Kevin Ellis Jr
49 Jamie Fluke
50 Peter Berryman
90 Yohann Harth

Coanda Simsport

The 2021 Autosport Esports Team of the Year was founded back in August 2014 by former members of My3id Gaming and has celebrated many successes ever since. 
One of the biggest was achieved just last year in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup 2021 when the team finished the season on P1 with Joshua K Rogers, Mitchell deJong on P2 and Charlie Collins on P3.

53 Ayhancan Guven
57 Dayne Warren
77 Jeremy Bouteloup
79 Oskar Biksrud 

ineX Racing

The term ineX is derived from the Latin word “inexpugnabilis,” which means: unconquerable, not to be taken by force. Being a real force of their own, the teams has consisted of some of the best esports drivers on the globe, starting from day one of their collaboration in 2010. IneX Racing is the only team which is represented in all three Word Championship categories on iRacing.

10 Jack Sedgwick

KOVA Esports

KOVA is a Finnish Esports Clan represented by several top teams in different games. Since 2020 also in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup. KOVA is the finnish word for toughness and reflects the team‘s attitude to never break easily under pressure. Notable sim racing achievements so far include winning the 2021 International Simulated Open Wheel Championship and finishing third in the Sports Car Open Sprint Masters in the same year.

17 Matti Sipilä
97 Tuomas Tähtelä

Logitech G Altus Esports

The team was founded 2018 by former members of the Evolution Racing Team. Although they launched with only a small squad of like-minded drivers, their commitment to their craft would soon take them on to the world stages of iRacing. The team, led by the Australian Simon Feigl, specializes in GT racing & the Dirt Speedway but also has a knack for sprint races. 

12 Jordan Caruso 

MSI eSports

Blancpain GT Series, VLN Championship or the 24 h of Le Mans: The Motor & Sport Institute, with its own Esports Academy, is a place where racing talents get made. One of them is Salva Talens. The twenty-year-old Spaniard could already gain some experience in racing the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup in 2021, where he finished the last race in P4 –his strongest performance to date.

4 Salva Talens


51 Josh Thompson

R8G E-Sports

Former F1 pilot Romain Grosjean's esports team shows how closely virtual and real motorsport are linked. Founded in April 2020 in cooperation with Triple A Esports, the team of 22 sim racers has already secured 94 wins and 204 podiums on various racing simulation platforms.

16 Alexander Wolters
40 Julien Soenen 
81 Quentiin Vialatte 

Red Bull Racing Esports

The team consisting of the driver trio Sebastian Job, Graham Caroll and Cooper Webster is targeting a comeback after a difficult season in 2021. With the latest arrival of real-life racer Webster to the team, the mood in the Esports Bulls’ camp is positive. To offer the perfect training conditions for the now completed team, the Red Bull Racing Erena acts as a state-of-the-art sim racing facility to bring through future Esports champions.

21 Graham Carroll
22 Sebastian Job
37 Cooper Webster 

SDK Gaming

SDK Gaming, part of the Apex Racing UK Group, is known as one of the best Live HUD providers for iRacing and specialized in giving sim racing teams more detailed live information on their performances. With Alejandro Sánchez, also member of the Apex Racing Team, they are sending their own representative on the virtual grid.

47 Alessandro Sánchez

Porsche24 Team Redline

With their 20-year history, Team Redline is one of the pioneers of the SimRacing scene. They have entered and won hundreds of major titles, such as the first iRacing World Championship. The team consists of a mix of virtual and real drivers who compete at the highest level in various racing classes. Their prominent team members include F1 World Champion Max Verstappen and F1 driver Lando Norris.

7 Jeff Giassi
11 Maximilian Benecke
44 Diogo C. Pinto
70 Gianni Vecchio

URANO eSports

As an IT service provider, Urano is building a bridge between IT and the enthusiasm for motorsport with its own Esport team, founded in 2020, and paving the way for a future in which sim racing is becoming increasingly important. Their goal is to become one of the leading sim racing teams in Germany. By participating in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, they are getting a little closer to this goal with every race.

28 Sam Kuitert
43 Brian Lockwood

Virtual Racing School

The Virtual Racing School is not only part of the PESC for many years now, but one of the first go-to places for aspiring sim racers as well. Beyond coachings, some of the world's best sim racing athletes take the wheel themselves and to compete on the virtual tracks around the world.

15 Zac Campbell
31 David Williams
83 Bobby Zalenski
93 Charlie Collins

Williams Esports

An iconic name in a new environment. Williams joined the world of Esports in 2018, making them the first Formula One to take that step. Now, they compete across the whole sim racing landscape and are fully committed to the sport. Their goal: offer audiences and elite gamers new ways to engage with the iconic Williams name. The Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup is just the right place for that.

13 Dino Lombardi
69 Moreno Sirica
78 Alessandro Bico 
95 Kamil Grabowski


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