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The Porsche Cup honours the most outstanding private Porsche drivers of every season. It is the brainchild of Ferry Porsche himself and has been awarded every year since 1970. Porsche awards cash prizes totalling 280,000 euros to the most successful racing drivers each year. This support for customer racing is virtually unique worldwide.


All national and international drivers with race results achieved in a car produced by Porsche are eligible to take part. International and national championships, such as the FIA World Endurance Championship and the IWSC, count towards the Cup. Results achieved in famous long-distance races, such as the 24-hour races at Le Mans, Daytona and the Nürburgring, are also included in the classification.


With the Porsche Cup, Porsche supports private customer racing and promotes the ambition and professionalism of many teams and drivers. The list of Porsche Cup winners includes famous names such as Bob Wollek, Klaus Ludwig, Bernd Schneider and the 24h Le Mans winner 2015 Nick Tandy. It serves both as a testimony to racing talent and a reference for a future career in motor sports.

Regulations & contact

Regulations Porsche Cup

Entries and all inquiries regarding the Porsche Cup should be addressed to:


Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Motorsport Vertrieb
Porschestraße 911
71287 Weissach


E-Mail: porschecup@porsche.de

The Regulations for the 2024 Porsche Cup racing season can be found here as a PDF document.
Regulations 2024

Porsche Cup winners from 1970 to date

2023Nicolas „Niki“ LeutwilerCar Collection Motorsport / Centri Porsche Ticino / AVIA W&S Motorsport / Herberth Motorsport
2022Ralf BohnHerberth Motorsport
2021Jan HeylenWright Motorsport
2020Robert RenauerPrecote Herberth Motorsport
2019Alan BrynjolfssonPark Place Motorsports / VOLT Racing
2018Christian RiedDempsey Proton Racing / Proton Competition
2017Christian RiedDempsey Proton Racing / Proton Competition
2016Robert RenauerPrecote Herberth Motorsport / Proton Competition
2015Ryan DalzielEFFORT Racing
2014Jaap van LagenGW IT Racing Team Schütz Motorsport / Tonino Team Herberth / HH Performance Group
2013Martin RaggingerFach Autotech / Tonino powered by Herberth Motorsport / Falken Motorsport
2012Nick TandyManthey Racing / Geyer & Weinig EDV – Schütz Motorsport / Flying Lizard Motorsports / TRG / Team Motorbase
2011Gianluca Roda Autorlando Sport / Team Felbermayr-Proton / Proton Competition
2010Gianluca Roda Autorlando Sport / Team Felbermayr-Proton
2009Dirk WernerFarnbacher Loles Racing / Manthey Racing / Mamerow Racing
2008Alex DavisonFelbermayr -Proton / Flying Lizard Motorsports / Autorlando / Prospeed Competition
2007Johannes van OverbeekFlying Lizard Motorsports
2006Wolf HenzlerTafel Racing / Flying Lizard Motorsports
2005Tim SugdenGruppeM Racing / J3 Racing
2004 Stéphane OrtelliFreisinger Motorsport
2003Marc LiebFreisinger Motorsport
2002Kevin BucklerThe Racers' Group
2001Wolfgang KaufmannPaco Ortí Racing
2000Mike FitzgeraldG&W Motorsports
1999Cort WagnerAlex Job Racing
1998Franz KonradKonrad Motorsport
1997Franz KonradKonrad Motorsport
1996Bruno EichmanRoock Racing
1995Lilian Bryner// Enzo CalderariStadler
1994Price CobbKelly Moss
1993Edgar DörenFreisinger
1992Oscar LarrauriJoest
1991John WinterJoest
1990Bernd SchneiderKremer
1989Bob WollekJoest
1988John WinterJoest
1987Volker WeidlerKremer
1986Klaus LudwigJoest
1985Jochen MassJoest
1984Henri PescaroloJoest
1983Bob WollekJoest
1982Bob WollekJoest
1981Bob WollekKremer
1980John FitzpatrickBarbour
1979Klaus LudwigKremer
1978Bob WollekKremer
1977Bob WollekKremer
1976Bob WollekKremer
1975Claude HaldiHaberthur
1974John FitzpatrickKremer
1973Clemens SchickentanzKremer
1972John FitzpatrickKremer
1971Erwin KremerKremer
1970Gijs van LennepWihuri

no responsibility is taken for the correctness of information / subject to alterations. The Porsche Cup standings are generated by means of the respective website contents of the various racing series listed in the Porsche Cup regulations.