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Two Porsche 911 RSR in special design in Bahrain.

Experience live: 8 Hours of Bahrain in the live ticker.

The final race of the WEC 2022 is in full swing!

Can the factory team win the world championship title during its GTE-Pro farewell?
The suspense is high in the GTE-Pro class.


8:00 pm: The 8-hour race on the Bahrain International Circuit is over. The FIA World Endurance Championship 2022 has ended. Sadly, the final engagement of the 911 RSR in the GTE-Pro class didn't lead to a world championship title. Still, we will remember it as an exciting chapter for the Porsche 911 RSR in the GTE-Pro class. Thank you for joining us on the Porsche Motorsport Hub.


7:45 pm: Just 15 minutes left. Richard Lietz in the 911 RSR #91 is closing in on the Corvette. Can he still pass?  


7:30 pm: It's the last half hour on the Bahrain International Circuit for the WEC 2022 and the final engagement of the 911 RSR in the GTE-Pro class. Ferrari #52 is in the lead in front of the Corvette #54. Richard Lietz in the 911 RSR #91 is still on third place.


7:00 pm: The final hour of the race has begun. Ferrari #51 dropped to fifth spot. The 911 RSR #92 with Christensen is now in fourth place. The Porsche #91 with Richard Lietz in third place must pass the Corvette #64 – then his team colleague Gianmaria Bruni will have enough points to become champion.


06:37 pm: Ferrari #51 had to enter the box, boosting Porsche back onto third and fourth place.


6:27 pm: GTE-Pro update: 1. Corvette #64, 2. Porsche #91, 3. Ferrari #52, 4. Ferrari #51 (in box), 5. Porsche #92.


06:15 pm: After almost four hours of driving, Gianmaria Bruni is on fourth place of the GTE-Pro with the Porsche 911 RSR #91. His team colleague Kévin Estre is on fifth spot with the RSR #92 after over four hours. Then, a switch of drivers: Michael Christensen is now manning #92.


05:22 pm: Porsche #91 is back on second place of the GTE-Pro. Ferrari #51 at the front, Corvette #64 right behind the Porsche. Ferrari #52 was in the box for a tire change and is back in action.

04:05 pm: Halftime for the 8 Hours of Bahrain. A slow drop in temperatures follows the darkness. In turn, that also means: pit stops, and required tire changes. Also, a switch of drivers: Gianmaria Bruni is now in the Porsche #91.

03:28 pm: Porsche #92 with Michael Christensen in its cockpit manages to claim the third spot once more.

03:15 pm: The sun has gone down and the brightly lit night race has begun on the Bahrain International Circuit. Both Porsche 911 RSR are battling in the GTE-Pro class from spots 4 and 5.

02:15 pm
: Driver switch for Porsche: The #92 is now manned by Michael Christensen and close on the heels of Ferrari #52, meanwhile in Porsche #91 is Richard Lietz.

02:00 pm: The excitement in the GTE-Pro class isn't ebbing. In the mean time, we witnessed a Full Course Yellow Phase (FCY) and various pit stops. That's how the Corvette managed to climb onto second place right behind Ferrari. But this didn't hold out for long: Porsche #91 with Kévin Estre managed to push its way forward to second place.

01:05 pm: Ferrari managed to overtake the Porsche and go into the lead. Ferrari is now on first place of the GTE-Pro class, right in front of both Porsche vehicles. The 911 RSR #92 enters the box.

12:50 pm:
A constant head-to-head duel and a passing maneuver between Ferrari and Porsche: Ferrari #52 manages to overtake Porsche #92. The Porsche #91 in third position is close on its heels.

12:15 pm:
Porsche #91 and #92 have left Ferrari behind and are in the lead in the GT class.

12:13 pm: Passing maneuver between Porsche and Ferrari. Porsche goes into the lead.

12:13 pm: The 911 RSR #91 is on third position.

12:10 pm: In the GTE-Pro class, Kévin Estre is in the lead with the Porsche #92.

12:01 pm: The race has begun. All vehicles passed the first curves without accidents or collisions.

11:45 am: The 8 Hours of Bahrain 2022 begin at 12:00 pm Central European Time