There is hardly any other racing series in motorsport that is as fan-orientated as Formula E. Something that we find fascinating. Lots of new things await us in the coming season – but we are looking forward to one highlight in particular.

Motorsport brings people together. It is a part of us, it’s in our blood – just like our fans. By entering Formula E, we have broken new ground. There is a lot that we are looking forward to: new experiences and challenges, new cities and unknown tracks. There is, however, one that stands out: for the first time, our fans can directly influence the racing action. In Formula E, thanks to the fanboost, they can provide direct support to our drivers. Namely with an extra power boost.

A part of the success.

The fanboost is an innovative idea the like of which has never been seen in motorsport before. But how does the support work exactly, and how do you participate?

Fanboost in Formula E works through interactive voting. Fanboost voting opens six days before each race, and closes 15 minutes into the race. Voting takes place via the official FIA Formula E website, via Twitter with the hashtag #Fanboost plus the driver’s name, or simply via the app. Each fan can do this multiple times – however, only once per day and per voting method. The driver with the most votes receives an additional 50kW in a five second window during the next race. Although the window for using the fanboost doesn’t seem that long, it can make a decisive difference. Regardless of whether it’s for overtaking or defending positions – fans can actively support their favorites, and, therefore, participate in the success on the race track. It is up to the driver when he activates the fanboost. When he does activate it, the car’s halo system glows purple, making its use visible to the viewers.

It’s fitting for the most state-of-the-art racing series to take unfamiliar roads – just as with the fanboost and the possibility of co-determining a race. We are excited to see how it will affect the results in the coming season. We will see. After all, we're motorsport fans too.