The rolling machine: the Porsche 99X Electric.

The city courses of the Formula E demand great aptitude and driving skill: The drivers have to navigate their race cars through chicanes, hairpin curves and narrow streets. Breaking, accelerating and demanding everything from the vehicle. For that to work, quite some potential must be in the vehicle.

The basics are defined by the FIA and allow for equal conditions within the competition: the permitted length of the vehicle, its width and height, and which tires are used. But on a technical level, the race cars differ – so it’s all about their inner values. For example, this applies to the powertrain, which is developed individually by each team. The Porsche E-Performance Powertrain of the Porsche 99X Electric was developed specifically for the vehicle and stands out for including most recent motorsport developments. The 800-volt technology of the powertrain and the permanently energized synchronous machine provide maximum continuous power along with good weight management with low charging time. This allows for a maximum capacity of 250 kW – which equals 340 HP – in Qualifying. During the race, the performance is capped at 220 kW – 299 HP – due to rulings. However, Attack-Mode and Fanboost can increase the performance up to 250 kW (340 HP). Additionally, recuperation is an important topic during the race. After all, once the power is depleted, things literally won’t move forward. The Porsche 99X Electric can recuperate up to 250 kW, the usable battery capacity is 52 kWh.

With its performance set to race mode, the Formula E vehicle can go from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.8 seconds. Its top speed is at 280 kph – something the drivers of the Porsche 99X Electric could prove during the running season 8.

99X Electric

280 km/hMaximum Speed
2.8 sec.Acceleration (0-100 km/h)
250 kW (340 PS)Max. power (qualifying-mode)
800 VVoltage
54 kWhBattery capacity
Modelpage 99X Electric

Despite the experiences made during the LMP1 Project, the Porsche 99X Electric was newly developed from the ground up: Its electric motor, transmission, differential, drive shaft and other vehicle parts like the Brake-by-Wire-System and the control unit have been developed specifically in the Motorsport Center in Flacht and are perfectly molded to suit the demands of Formula E.

All the better. After all, soon it will be time to let the Porsche 99X Electric fulfil its true destiny: Racing in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.


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