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PESC ROUND 4 WATKINS GLEN - The Mid-Season Tournament.



The Mid-Season Tournament

We’re halfway through the 2024 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, powered by iRacing, and things are heating up! This weekend was filled with incredible racing and drama on the Watkins Glen Classic track. We kicked-off with the All-Stars in a 15-minute sprint, and then a 25-minute main race, with the grid reversed from the results of the sprint.


It was then onto the Mid-Season Tournament with knockouts. Five heats of 3-laps saw the top two head into the feature race, with one last chance for those who hadn’t qualified yet racing in a 8-lap consolation race. Those who qualified, then raced in the final showdown in the16-lap feature race, battling it out for 85 points.

All-out drama with the All-Stars

PESC ROUND 4 WATKINS GLEN - All-out drama with the All-Stars.
A perfect start saw Daniel Gray (DanielGray10) go from P3 to P1 by the first corner, followed closely behind by Casey Kirwan and (Keny500). The three battled it out not giving each other an inch. By the time there was only 4 minutes left there was only 0.415 seconds between first and third, it was anyone’s race. A huge crash saw the middle of the pack really switch up, but they were far behind the leaders. With only two laps left Casey Kirwan saw his gap and pulled ahead into P1 and defended his line, while (Keny500) also made a daring move on the outside to take P2, seeing Daniel Gray take P3. With such an incredibly close sprint, excitement was building for the main race.
PESC ROUND 4 WATKINS GLEN - All-out drama with the All-Stars.
For the main race, the full field was inverted, meaning Casey Kirwan would start at the back. As the race kicked-off Borja Zazo lead the pack with former All-Star Champion, Emily Jones (Emree) and Tony Kannaan right behind him. After 10 minutes of racing things had shook up with Pablo López (thepulpolopez) jumping ahead from P5 into P1, and after some great racing from (Matt Malone), he was unfortunately in a crash that sent him to the back, and in the chaos allowed Casey Kirwan to make his way into P3, who quickly raced into P1. The drama continued as a slight touch on López from Zazo sent him into the wall, allowing for Tyson Meier (Quirkitized) to push into P3, but right at the end a bump between Meier and Zazo switched up the order once more, allowing Christian Ortega (Kenny500) to finish in P2 and Javier Soto (Stradi) to take P3, with Casey Kirwan impressively taking P1 once again.

The Five Heats Got Heated

PESC ROUND 4 WATKINS GLEN - The Mid-Season Tournament.

Heading into the Mid-Season Tournament Sebastian Job sat on top of the standings with an impressive 230 points, with Diogo Pinto 2nd with 180 points and new comer Luke McKeown in 3rd with 161 points. Heat 1 began with McKeown and Cooper Webster in the lead for most of the race and in the last two turns, Luca Kita found a line through and pushed into 2nd, cutting Webster out of qualifying for the feature race by 0.359 seconds.


Yohann Harth and Moreno Sirica had a great start into Heat 2, leading the race, but a bumpy first lap saw two crashes switch-up the order, leaving Oscar Py and Alejandro Sánchez in the front with Harth right behind them. In the closing lap Harth pushed hard to take 2nd with Sánchez in 1st, both qualifying for the feature race. Heat 3 saw Zac Campbell and Jordan Caruso in front for the entire race, with Parker White and Simone Maria Marcenò trying to fight their way into the qualifying zone, but came up short.


Heat 4 started with Championship leader Sebastian Job racing behind Mathias StokBæk, and on the first turn, contact with Julien Soenen pushed Job off the track and to the back of pack. He then fought hard to gain positions and on the last lap managed to secure P2 with StokBæk in P1, both qualifying for the feature race. The final heat started with Alessandro Bico in front, followed by Diogo Pinto, Gustavo Ariel tried to break into the qualifying zone, but it was Pinto and Bico who took the last spots from the heats.

One Last Chance

PESC ROUND 4 WATKINS GLEN - The Mid-Season Tournament.
Next it was on to the consolation race where 20 drivers from the heat rounds raced 8 laps, with only five going through to the feature race. Py and Webster were quick to lead the race, with Maria Marcenò right behind them. The battle for the top five was fierce and the front pack were beginning to pull away when a two crashes opened the race up. At the end it was Cooper Webster, Matti Sipilä, Oscar Py, Sam Kuitert and Gustavo Ariel who secured the final spots, Dino Lombardi missed out by just 0.029 seconds to make it to the feature race behind Ariel.

The Best Put To The Test

It was then on to the feature race, where the best of the best from the day competed to take home the win. After the first turn it was McKeown, Sánchez and Campbell in front, who remained there for the first part of the race while Pinto, StokBæk and Bico slowly made their way behind them. There was only 0.790 seconds between P6 and P1 halfway through the race. With 8 laps to go Sánchez took a wide line around the outside that paid off and moved into P1.


On the final lap it was anyone’s race, with Sánchez in front, followed by McKeown and Pinto. On the final two turns McKeown tried his best to get past Sánchez, who defended his line. In the end there was just 0.145 seconds between them. Making our top 3 for the 2024 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Mid-Season Tournament Sánchez, McKeown and Pinto.

PESC ROUND 4 WATKINS GLEN - The Mid-Season Tournament.

What’s next?

Now over the halfway, we’re excited to head to the Red Bull Ring on March 16th. Be sure to catch the action live on Twitch as the quest for the Championship intensifies.


2024 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Standings


1. Sebastian Job 278 Points

2. Diogo C. Pinto 245 Points

3. Luke McKeown 231 Points

4. Alejandro Sánchez 192 Points

5. Yohann Harth 179 Points

6. Jordan Caruso 162 Points

7. Cooper Webster 160 Points

8. Zac Campbell 157 Points

9. Gustavo Ariel 153 Points

10. Chris Lulham 140 Points

11. Alessandro Bico 129 Points

12. Sam Kuitert 113 Points

13. Oscar Py 85 Points

14. Luca Kita 83 Points

15. Kevin Nielsen 82 Points

16. Matti Sipilä 75 Points

17. Julien Soenen 67 Points

18. Michael Janney 66 Points

19. Bryn Collins 54 Points

20. Mathias Stokbæk Jensen 52 Points

21. Josh Thompson 48 Points

22. Salva Talens 42 Points

23. Moreno Sirica 41 Points

24. Parker White 38 Points

25. Oskari Rinne 27 Points

26. Lasse Bak 25 Points

27. Quentiin Vialatte 23 Points

28. Dino Lombardi 17 Points

29. Simone Maria Marcenò 17 Points

30. Jakub Maciejewski 13 Points