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We go green in Daytona!


We go green in Daytona!

The 2024 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, powered by iRacing, launched with a thrilling opener at the Daytona International Speedway's Road Course, marking the series' first venture onto an American track. The day commenced with the All-Stars racing in the Porsche 963, beginning with a dynamic 17-minute sprint featuring a rolling start, followed by a challenging inverted track format in the 27-minute Main Race.


Then the spotlight turned to the main event of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup 2024. 30 skilled drivers took to the iconic Daytona track, starting with a high-octane sprint race, then progressing to a 16-lap main race, each vying for vital Championship points.

Getting the Job done

The sprint started with Sebastian Job at pole, with defending Champion Jordan Caruso starting in the middle of the pack, after the quick sprint Luke McKeown in his debut, came out on top with some impressive racing, narrowly edging out Sebastian Job by just 0.632 seconds, with Gustavo Ariel clinching a commendable third place. Their success in the sprint race set the stage for an even more intense main race.


Double the distance of the sprint the main race was filled with high speed action. A rolling start saw Oscar Py leading the pack, with lots of movement in the middle. Yohann Harth took the lead on lap 4, with Team Redline trying to control the rest of the race and make their way to the front, battling it out against Coanda. With only 8 laps to go Sebastian Job took the lead, and in the next lap Diogo Pinto and Chris Lulham, pushed passed Harth to take second and third. The concluding laps were a nail-biting showdown, with a mere 0.522 seconds separating the top four. In a breathtaking finish, Job triumphed, narrowly outpacing Diogo Pinto by 0.025 seconds, and Chris Lulham finishing a strong third.

The All-Stars shine

For the first sprint race Casey Kirwan, the defending All-Stars Champion, lead the back from the start, with lots of overtakes in the middle of the pack. With one minute to go Casey had a comfortable lead but there was a battle for second and third, between Suello Almeida and Pablo López (ThePulpoLopez), where we saw Suello’s heart rate reach 124bpm, but ultimately he pulled it off with just 0.137 seconds between them. When the finish flag waved Casey Kirwan was first, Suello Almeida was second and Pablo López (ThePulpoLopez) came third.


It was then onto the Main Race, now on the inverted track. Former All-Star Champion Emily Jones (Emree) was at the front of the pack and gained an early lead. Fighting behind her for pole was Marc Noske(Grizzle) and Borja_Zazo, where slowly, Casey Kirwan came all the way from last position and raced to the front. On the final lap Emily fought off Casey in the final two turns and came out on top. Emily Jones (Emree) came first, Casey Kirwan came second and Marc Noske (Grizzle) came in at third.

What’s next?

As the season unfolds, excitement builds for the next round at Hockenheimring on February10th. Be sure to catch the action live on Twitch as the quest for the Championship intensifies in round 2.

Driver Standings

1. Sebastian Job 82 Points

2. Chris Lulham 58 Points 

3. Diogo C. Pinto 57 Points 

4. Luke McKeown 57 Points 

5. Gustavo Ariel 53 Points 

6. Yohann Harth 52 Points 

7. Zac Campbell 44 Points 

8. Sam Kuitert 43 Points 

9. Oscar Py 35 Points 

10. Salva Talens 31 Points 

11. Kevin Nielsen 29 Points 

12. Michael Janney 26 Points 

13. Alessandro Bico 24 Points 

14. Luca Kita 15 Points 

15. Jordan Caruso 15 Points 

16. Mathias Stokbæk Jensen 14 Points 

17. Alejandro Sánchez 11 Points 

18. Julien Soenen 10 Points 

19. Lasse Bak 9 Points 

20. Cooper Webster 8 Points 

21. Bryn Collins 7 Points 

22. Quentiin Vialatte 5 Points 

23. Parker White 3 Points 

24. Jakub Maciejewski 2 Points 

25. Matti Sipilä 2 Points 

26. Oskari Rinne 1 Points 

27. Josh Thompson 0 Points 

28. Simone Maria Marcenò 0 Points 

29. Dino Lombardi -5 Points 

30. Moreno Sirica -9 Points

We go green in Daytona!
We go green in Daytona!
We go green in Daytona!
We go green in Daytona!
We go green in Daytona!
We go green in Daytona!