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PESC 2024 by iRacing starts on February 3 on YouTube and Twitch.


Gearing Up for the PESC Season 2024

Porsche’s commitment to motorsports be it real or virtual, is undying, being made through motorsports, we as a company are Raceborn, yet again proven in our continued commitment to bring you one of the most prestigious virtual racing series. Get ready for the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup 2024, by iRacing, where we’ll be looking to see which driver shares our undying need to push further and always come back stronger.


The PESC 2024 season is gearing up to deliver even more high-octane excitement than its predecessors, with sim racers preparing to ignite their engines and their title charge in the season showdown. Commencing on the 3rd of February, racers will once more be competing in a Porsche that is truly Raceborn, the esteemed Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992), showcasing their skills in exhilarating races on some of the most iconic digital racetracks from around the world.

Who has what it takes?

This season's format is a little different. Instead of the normal 10 races, the 2024 season will feature 7 races including a mid-season tournament, challenging the 30 best competing drivers to adapt to a more intense format to see which driver takes home the grand prize of $200.000. This championship is not just about speed & prestige; it’s where virtual precision meets real-world tactics, and where rivalries and strategies collide head-on. So who’ll come out on top and prove that they’re Raceborn?

A Digital Battle on Legendary Circuits

The first showdown is set at the Daytona Road Course on February 3rd. The journey continues through some of the most iconic tracks in the world, including Hockenheimring(10 Feb), Circuit de 24 Heures du Mans (17 Feb), Watkins Glen - Classic (Mid-Season Tournament, 2 Mar), Red Bull Ring - Grand Prix (16 Mar), Imola Grand-Prix (30 Mar), and culminating at the renowned Autodromo Nazionale Monza for the season finale on April 6th which will feature double main events, and a perhaps even a brand new champion!

The Mid-Season Tournament

In the action-packed fourth race of the season, we have a mid-season tournament on the esteemed Watkins Glen Classic track. Excitement begins with an 18-minute practice, revving up to a high-stakes, one-lap qualifying round. From there we move to a series of five heats, each a quick 3-lap race with six drivers vying for the top spots. Only the top two from each heat secure their place in the eagerly awaited main event.


For those who don't make the cut, there's a second chance in the 8-lap Consolation race. Here, 15 drivers battle fiercely for the top 5 positions, which are their last ticket to the main event. The culmination is a gripping 16-lap main event, where drivers push their limits after a brief 3-minute warmup before the battle for glory and an 85-point reward.

The Starting Grid

This year’s grid is a showcase of exceptional talent which features the top 15 from last year's main season, the best 15 from the Contender Series, making for an exhilarating competition that separates the contenders from the pretenders. Here’s the full driver list:


Alejandro Sánchez
Alessandro Bico
Bryn Collins
Chris Lulham
Cooper Webster
Dino Lombardi
Diogo Pinto
Gustavo Ariel
Jakub Maciejewski
Jordan Caruso
Josh Thompson
Julien Soenen
Kevin Nielsen
Lasse Bak
Luca Kita
Luke McKeown
Mathias Stokbæk
Matti Sipilä
Michael Janney
Moreno Sirica
Oscar Py
Oskari Rinne
Parker White
Quentiin Vialatte
Salva Talens
Sam Kuitert
Sebastian Job
Simone Maria Marcenò
Yohann Harth
Zac Campbell

The All-Stars

The All-Stars Series continues to be a highlight, featuring our favourite influencers (alt: sim-racing influencers) like lovefortysix, ThePulpoLopez, Tony Kanaan from around the world racing alongside the crème de la crème of Esports racers. Casey Kirwan is the defending All-Star Champion, but does he have what it takes to retain his crown? Or will a newcomer claim the coveted title?

Where to Watch PESC?

The 2024 PESC by iRacing is shaping up to be a landmark season. From the adrenaline rush at Daytona to the climactic finale at Monza, every race promises to showcase the very best in virtual racing, so don't miss any of the action! Subscribe to the Porsche Twitch channel  and catch every heart stopping moment. See you on February 3rd!