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Joshua Rogers in a simracing setup, smiling into the camera.


A lap in Le Mans with Joshua Rogers.

Emotional and technical.

Before the 24 Hours of Le Mans of 2023 are due to start, Porsche esports factory driver Joshua Rogers took the wheel for the digital version of the Circuit de la Sarthe. Beside offering his insights throughout an entire lap he also had some additional thoughts to share about the storied track.

Question: What do you consider to be the most difficult part about driving at Le Mans?


Joshua Rogers: The class mix throughout the race. Everyone is focused on their own race strategy and particularly with the prototypes you're constantly trying to manage that as well as your own strategy. At the same time, you're focusing on keeping the car on the track in changeable weather conditions with all the other classes there too. 


Question: To some viewers, the Mulsanne Straight may seem easy because it’s mostly a long straight. What is something you have to consider when taking it?


Joshua Rogers: The Mulsanne Straight itself is at least simple on paper. Obviously, where you drive on the Straight is equally important: You have different levels of track smoothness, so positioning the car in the best place possible to maximize aero-efficiency and the smoothness can help the speed down there. But of course, the chicanes are extremely challenging, managing the curbs, managing the traction off the curbs ... Ultimately, that can be the difference between setting up a pass or not. So, yes, seems like a simple part of the circuit on paper, but it is still extremely technical. And honestly, where a lot of the time is won.

Graphic of the Circuit de la Sarthe.
Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans / Circuit de la Sarthe.

Question: What about the Porsche Curves would you say makes them “typically Porsche”?


Joshua Rogers: Exhilarating! From a driving perspective, especially in a prototype car, you come in at such great speed – essentially, you flick the car into the sticks and you go, and that makes it extremely fun. I feel like that resembles the driving experience of a Porsche car: You feel the passion of the brand, you feel the excitement and it for sure provides that. Even in qualifying or in the race itself, it's always a section of the circuit that is extremely special and one that gets the heart racing – that's for sure. And Porsche does that too.


Question: What goes through your mind when you reach the Ford Chicanes and head toward the finish after a long race?


Joshua Rogers: Don't stuff it up (laughs)! It's so easy to throw the car into the wall on the last chicane. We saw that quite a few times in the virtual race, and we see it in real life here in Le Mans as well. Especially on those last laps your concentration can lapse a little bit, because you're thinking about crossing that line and the feeling of victory. But it's really not over until you're there. It's important to keep your focus and not take that breath until you come out of the last chicane. It's a super tricky part of the circuit and it's the one where anything can happen at any point.


Thank you for the ride, Joshua!

Joshua Rogers
EsportsWorks Driver

Joshua Rogers


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