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Bastian Buus grinning next to his vehicle.


Interview with Porsche Junior Bastian Buus.

Talented new addition.

Bastian Buus is the new Porsche Junior 2023. The 19-year-old was part of the talent pool of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany – and proved his mettle during the viewing with a 911 GT3 Cup on the Circuito de Jerez. The Dane was nominated by the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany for the Junior shoot-out event, while at the same time participating in the Carrera Cup France and the Supercup. In the latter, Bastian Buus scored two victories in 2022, along with the rookie title for best newcomer. The Porsche Motorsport Hub spoke with the talented newcomer.

Question: Bastian, you are the new Porsche Junior of 2023. Your first race as Porsche Junior was with the Porsche Coanda Esports Racing Team during the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans. How did you feel about your first official deployment for Porsche, and how did it go for you on the digital Circuit des 24 Heures?


Bastian Buus: That was something special all right: My first race as Porsche Junior, my first race with a manufacturer team and at the same time, the first race of the season. Doubtlessly, it was a great experience to be part of the Porsche Coanda Esports Racing Team and to see, how much preparation goes into an event such as the Le Mans Virtual. Unlimited chances for tests also mean that a lot of training and test hours are necessary offer a good performance. I have the greatest respect for the guys for their commitment during the preparations – and of course also during the race.


We definitely had the speed to get on to the podium, but technical issues due to server disconnections cost us twice, forcing us to contend with the sixth position. That was less than satisfying than what we were expecting. Sadly, the result was influenced by something beyond our power. We fought our way back into the race multiple times, but could not make up for the lost time.


Question: Do you usually prepare for races virtually?


Bastian Buus: I use my simulator at home to learn new tracks, and to train my reflexes and driving skills in my downtime, for example during the winter break. Yes, I think it is a good tool to keep fit and of course, be better prepared for a race weekend.

Bastian Buus focused on driving in a race simulator.

Question: Did you always want to become a professional race driver?


Bastian Buus: Since I can think, it was my greatest dream. I was always fascinated by cars, particularly races. That is my great passion since I was a small kid – and when I started driving go-karts in 2013, that was always the ultimate goal.


Question: Did you have role models as a child?


Bastian Buus: Tom Kristensen was always a great role model for me. He was the most victorious driver of all times in Le Mans – and of course, he's Danish! When I was a kid, I watched Tom win multiple races in Le Mans, not to mention his time in the DTM, which we also watched. We even travelled to some races.


Question: Can you remember the first time you sat in a Porsche?


Bastian Buus: I cannot exactly remember the first time, but the feeling is always the same. It is a joy for me to enter a piece of great craftmanship where quality is in every detail. I see cars as a piece of engineering that makes me smile.


Question: And how were your first moments in a Cup vehicle?


Bastian Buus: My first day in a Porsche GT3 Cup was in 2020 in Most, in the Czech Republic. I was used to a Porsche 718 GT4 Cayman Clubsport and surprised, how precise the Cup car really was! Once I got used to the car, it was the absolute best race vehicle that I could ever imagine. As race driver it is super cool, because you feel how every detail of your own driving style counts. Yes, this day still is one of the coolest test days I have ever had.


Question: What were your personal highlights in the 2022 season – or rather: What unique moments do you like to remember?


Bastian Buus: There were a lot of highlights in the 2022 season, but some are the greatest.


-My first victory during the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup as youngest race winner of all time in Paul Ricard, France.

- My second victory in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup during the final run of the anniversary season in Monza, Italty.

- Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Rookie Championship with 8/8 victories, a new record.

- My first race victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany in Imola, Italy.

It's a joy for me to enter a piece of great craftmanship where quality is in every detail.

Bastian BuusPorsche Junior 2024

Offline talent.

Question: Where did you participate offline for the first time as Porsche Junior 2023? 


Bastian Buus: I participated in my first race as Porsche Junior during the opening of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany in Spa-Francorchamps during the WEC.


Question: Which race series or racetrack are you looking forward to during the 2023 race calendar?


Bastian Buus: I am very much looking forward to being back in Monaco. In the past season I felt like I did not display a good result in relation to my potential.

I was also looking forward to returning to Imola to open the 2023 season in April. It is great when you can race on both of your favorite tracks within two weeks!


Question: Do you have certain rituals before a race?


Bastian Buus: I do not really have a certain ritual. What counts to me is feeling comfortable and relaxed.


Question: Will you let us in on an unusual fact about yourself?


Bastian Buus: I'm a bit addicted to mint chewing gum.


Question: What are your ambitions for the future?


Bastian Buus: To stay with Porsche and win a lot of title. The goal is to become the best!

Bastian Buus driving ahead of his oppontens in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

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