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The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team visits PAVE in Cape Town

Cape Town: Paving the way to the future.

In racing there’s only one direction: forward. During the time leading up to Cape Town’s first E-Prix, the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team had the chance to get to know a group of young people to whom this applies, too. Meet the newest generation of PAVE participants.

Started in South Africa in 2017 PAVE is Porsche’s Aftersales Vocational Education program in partnership with the College of Cape Town, the Salesian Institute and Don Bosco Mondo e.V. Aimed at underprivileged youth it is here where a new generation of highly qualified South African technicians is shaped.

Find out about PAVE in South Africa – Porsche’s Vocational Aftersales Education program, giving new perspectives to underprivileged kids in Cape Town.

Since its inception the program saw two classes graduate and equipped its participants with all skills necessary both in a professional environment just as in life itself. After all, participating in an initial life skills training, promoting personal competencies and team building, is prerequisite for any vocational training to follow.

I’m impressed with the kids’ maturity and their eagerness to learn.

Carl-Josef MuellerCar Chief

Integrated with other courses taught at the facility, the PAVE courses aim to be as practical as possible. This way students work and play in an environment that’s most conducive to their progress, preparing them for a bright future.

 A bright future, they could already get a taste of attending Cape Town E-Prix, where they were invited to meet the drivers and see our Team race to first position. The day included chats with our mechanics, fun challenges and paving the way forward for these bright individuals.