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Workout like a pro: this is how Formula E drivers excercise.

Anyone who believes that the drivers of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team have time to chill during the off-season is way off. In fact, the months leading up to the start of the season are dominated by intense training to prepare both their physical and mental fitness before getting behind the wheel once again. Keep reading for an exclusive insight into our own Pascal Wehrlein’s workout plan.

Due to the heavy travel schedule during race season, it’s important to focus on physical well-being and conditioning in the off-season. The goal of the drivers is to intensively prepare their body for the coming racing challenges and to be able to maintain that high level throughout the season.

The main focus is on reaction times and stamina. For the latter, Pascal alternates between daily running and cycling sessions, which he prefers to do in the local woods. If the season allows, cross-country skiing or water skiing are also on the cards. The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E driver particularly enjoys exercising with friends, mainly in the gym or on the football pitch. If you can’t find Pascal there, you might be lucky enough to catch him at a so-called “Spartan Race”: an extreme course, where participants have to overcome various obstacles on time. Loads of mud and fun included.

The better a driver's stamina, the lower their pulse rate during the race and the easier it is for them to stay focused for 45 minutes straight. The muscle groups that Formula E drivers need to focus on during strength training include the neck, arms, shoulders, core and abs. These are put under high pressure during the race and have to withstand the opposing G-forces in the car.

If a track also presents extraordinary climatic or geographical conditions, the body must be prepared for these extreme situations. For instance, the Mexico E-Prix last season posed special challenges for our Team: The low oxygen levels due to the altitude and high temperatures of around 30°C demand a lot from the body in terms of fluids, so the drivers have to compensate with at least five litres of water per day.

My goal is to be fit enough from training that I could in theory drive two to three races in a row.

In addition to good hydration, it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet. The key items on Pascal's menu are rice, chicken, fish and vegetables – it’s essential to include a variety of proteins, sufficient carbohydrates and healthy fats. However, he doesn't believe in rigid restrictions, so it's fine to occasionally indulge in a burger or a pizza.

“My goal is to be fit enough from training that I could in theory drive two to three races in a row”, says our #94 driver, Pascal Wehrlein. Is there a better start to an exciting new season than with ambitions like these?