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911 RSR: Mechanics and Engineers.

With the 6th run in Bahrain, the FIA Endurance World Championship WEC 2022 enters its final round.

Behind each race team is dedication and hard work. Especially the engineers and mechanics of the team carry a great amount of responsibility and have influence on the performance of the race cars during a race.

The intense heat of the desert during the day, the falling temperatures at nightfall along with the frequent fine layer of sand on the tarmac of the racetrack turn the race into a great challenge. On the course with its 15 curves, the tire wear is high. Team play is enormously important. Every action must be on point.
“We’re a competitive, professional, and perfectly coordinated factory team. And the 911 RSR is the spearhead of Porsche in the GT category,” says Uli Pashaus.

The mechanic has been working for Manthey-Racing for 25 years and is responsible for the bodywork of both 911 vehicles.

Manthey-Racing supports the Porsche GT works engagement during the World Endurance Championship WEC since 2013, and in that first year, achieved a class victory with the 911 RSR in Le Mans.

“It was a great joy to improve this top vehicle over the years and draw more and more out of it,” says the mechanic wistfully.
For after this race, the 911 RSR will not be competing in the GTE-Pro class any longer. That’s why both 911 vehicles are entering with a special livery: It recalls the victories, past drivers, racetracks, and various designs of the past ten years.

What makes it special: On the roof of both 911 RSR, the entire Porsche factory team has commemorated itself with a signature – one for everyone involved. Because beside the drivers in the cockpit, nothing would be possible without them: the mechanics and engineers.

„Despite it being the last race of the 911 RSR in the GTE-Pro class, the overall mood of the entire factory team is positive,” says Rüdiger Bollig. The Porsche factory team mechanic is responsible for refuels during a race. “We all try to glean the utmost out of a race.”

Each and everyone of us on the team is on fire and ready to give their all for the world championship title.

Rüdiger Bollig