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Ayhancan Güven takes the lead in the 2022 PESC.

On Saturday, 35 of the world's best Sim Racers competed in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup with Porsche Driver Ayhancan Güven from Coanda Simsport taking the first PESC win of his career in the main race and giving him pole position for the championship.
Before the start of the 19-lap race, Dayne Warren (Coanda) secured himself a front runner position in the sprint race and was able to hold the position for 9 laps to take the win.
Closely followed by Charlie Collins (VRS), Diogo C. Pinto (Team Redline), and Sebastian Job (Red Bull Racing Esports), with only less than a second separating each competitor. Positions five to eight went to Vialatte, Ayhancan Güven, the Frenchman Jeremy Bouteloup (Coanda), and Moreno Sirica from Italy (Williams Esports).
As the sprint race results determine the starting position for the main race in reversed order, it was Moreno Siriato who became the line-up leader. But only in the first lap as he fell back to ninth place immediately, leaving both drivers from Team Coanda, Bouteloup and Güven, taking the first two positions right from the beginning. 

Leading the field, both drivers were focused on defending their positions, as Quentin Vialatte and winner of PESC 2020 – favourite for this season – Sebastian Job, were in hot pursuit of the leaders up front. Unfortunately, a collision on lap three in the hairpin threw Job down the field making him lose all chances for a top result.
While the midfield was shaken, a fierce duel for the leading position unfolded at the front between both Coanda drivers, with Güven ultimately grabbing the first position in lap seven and defending it successfully until race finish. Pinto, who has overtaken Bouteloup in lap nine had to defend his newly claimed spot and leave Güven space to breathe.
Successfully defending his spot throughout the race, it was just one mistake in the very last lap that saw Pinto slide from the track and ultimately take the flag in fourth place, helping Graham Caroll secure himself P2 and Jeremy Bouteloup returning on the podium for P3. 

With these final results, the season scoreboard is now led by Ayhancan Güven with 65 points, Diogo C. Pinto with 63 Points, and Graham Caroll with 55 points. But with this being only the first action-packed race of a 10-race season, we're already looking ahead to some more thrilling race highlights in the upcoming races. Stay tuned as the next race on the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya race is going live on February 19th.