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Fine-tuning in Valencia.

To be prepared is half the victory – that’s what they say again and again in motorsport. When the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team set off to Valencia in past December, this motto fit perfectly. It was all about the fine tuning for the upcoming season. 

The start into the new Formula E season at the end of January is inching closer – and great plans are ahead: Victories are on the cards, and ambitions for the world championship titles are back. What’s needed for that is the best possible preparation. Just like during the official Formula E pre-season tests in Valencia: Under the Spanish sun the team worked meticulously, bonded even closer, advanced even further. One thing is clear for everyone: To achieve victories, the team needs to run like clockwork – especially the drivers.

All of this takes willpower and passion for racing and victories. Proven by Pascal Wehrlein on our newest image. Once more he is entering his race car, preparing for more rounds, expanding and improving upon his driving skills. Never tiring of taking a chance at perfection. Because that’s what the fine tuning in Valencia was about too: perfection. Now, the foundation has been laid. Now the team is almost certain to win.