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Mission R, Sketch of the conzept study, 2021


Gazing into the future.

Daring to look into the future – that’s what motorsport is about, too: How can you guide the beloved sport into the right direction? How should it be shaped, and what should the race car of the future look like? And not in the distant but near future. At the end of all theoretical considerations, it begins hands-on on paper …

Our image shows a sketch from the late development phase of a future Porsche race car. One that comes quite close to the real thing: typical iconic 911 flyline, large swan-necked rear wing, distinctive air intakes and perfect proportions. All of it geared for maximum performance on the racetrack. A fully electric GT race car that can bring the Porsche Motorsport DNA to the next level: What we see is the Porsche Mission R. A recently revealed concept study on a race car of tomorrow.

It is the ultimate proof of the concept that motorsport can be fully electric and sustainable, while simultaneously moving us deeply with its looks. After all: What else could it be, when we see this race car?

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