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Hotly contested: the starting places of the PESC 2022 will be awarded in the Contender Series. #NeverNotRacing

Motorsport is about testing your limits. Going out of your comfort zone into extreme places. And coming up against others. Why should it be any different with virtual motorsport? For all drivers who want to compete with the world's best simracers, the way to the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing 2022 is through the PESC Contender Series. There, the drivers from the previous season compete against those from the PESC Qualifying Series. As a reminder, if you are not in the top 20 at the end of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing season, you will not have a guaranteed starting place for the next season. The last months have shown how great the acceptance and enthusiasm is for virtual motorsport. So, with this in mind, the PESC Contender Series will not take place behind closed doors, but in the spotlight: all races of the PESC Contender Series will be streamed live on the official Porsche Twitch channel.

The race mode of the PESC Contender Series.

The special feature of the PESC Contender Series is also an ideal preparation for the World Championship: the race days are held in exactly the same format. As a refresher and for all newcomers to the PESC cosmos: the racing drivers must achieve the fastest lap time in a 12-minute qualifying session. As is customary in motorsport, this ranking determines the starting grid for the first race – the sprint race. The sprint race extends over a distance of 40 kilometres. The exact number of laps will be communicated in advance. After the sprint race, the drivers meet again for a second race on the same track. However, this time the starting grid is determined by the results of the sprint race. But, with the crucial difference being that the top eight will line up in reverse starting order. So, we're curious to see which drivers are strategically adept in the sprint race and make the potentially all-important move to 8th place at the end in order to start from pole position in the main race. We are looking forward to welcoming all simracing fans and those who want to become it to the first live stream on the Porsche Twitch channel on 25 September. Until then: Keep #NeverNotRacing