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Kyle Wilson-Clarke and a “race taxi” for London.

A few days have passed since the ePrix in London, but I enjoy reminiscing about both races. To me personally, they count as races at home – I mean: I took a taxi to the track and met the team there. That was a pretty unusual arrival for me! But also a great experience.
The conditions on-site were distinctive: rain played a role, the track layout and of course the fact that we raced under shelter as well as out in the open. Throughout the layout of the track there weren’t many opportunities to pass others. That’s why we knew that the qualifyings were key for good results. Though we didn’t make it for the super pole, we did make some points on both days. And that was important. Because each and every point is valuable for us as a team and the world championship. In the end, it was great for all of us to gather positive results again: We were just a few seconds behind the lead – that gives us confidence. Especially since both, performance and speed, were at hand. And that on this track layout! It was super narrow – I was expecting far more incidents and yellow phases. But we managed to stay out of accidents and managed to cross the finish line with both vehicles among the top 10. That gives us an additional boost for Berlin.


Now, Berlin is directly ahead of us. Until then, we’ll be analyzing the London race, and will look at what went well and what we can still improve. We’ll utilize the days and work in the simulator again, and take care of the final preparations for Berlin. Nothing Is possible without preparation – and it’s essential for Formula E. We need to be prepared for all possible situations to be able to react accordingly. There’s no time to think during the race. We must have our playbook at hand, make decisions and continue directly. That’s how it is in Formula E.


We have a lot of potential – and I hope, we can conclude the season with a positive experience. We deserve it. Now, I’m excited for Berlin. And for a holiday at the beach after that – if that works out. Then I’ll take a few days off. With the ocean ahead and sand beneath my feet …


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