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Champions talk with Joshua Rogers. Two-time #PESC champion. #NeverNotRacing

To anyone in the sim world, especially the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing realm, Joshua Rogers is a well-known name. Not only did the young Australian simracer win the inaugural season in 2019, he also won the virtual 24h of Le Mans last year as part of the Porsche Esports Team. His latest success was nothing less than claiming back the title in the PESC this season. He even managed to become champion in the penultimate round – even if it was just mathematically. In the inimitable style of a champion, he was the driver to catch the checkered flag in round 10 at Monza. But who is the person behind the wheel? We sat down with him and had a very interesting talk. Get to know Joshua Rogers:

Hey Joshua! How does it sound: two-time Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup champion?

Honestly, it’s still surreal. The season was certainly one to remember and to bounce back the way we did after 2020 makes it that much more memorable!


Over the last few weeks, we've had some interesting talks with your team mates. You guys were able to finish the season 1-2-3 overall. Pure domination or more like the results of endless hard work?

100% the results of endless hard work. As a team, we all share the same goal, and that drives us all to work harder than each other, only pushing all of us forward. The team spirit and drive we all have is certainly the key to our performance on the track!


For sure, simracing benefitted a lot over the last couple of months or over the whole of last year. Top drivers like you are getting a lot more of the deserved attention. How did life change for you?

In all honesty, life hasn’t changed all that much for me. I still have my same goals and focus towards performing as well as I can on the track. Sure, we have a few more pairs of eyes on us now, but I try to not let that get to me as best as I can.


So, you've been living in Germany for over a year. How are your German skills coming on?

They could definitely be better (laughs). I’m taking lessons at the moment, so my German is improving slowly but still a long way from where I’d like it to be. With time, I’m sure it will continue to improve though!


Have you had the chance to explore your new home a little bit? Was there any spare time outside of the simulator?

Understandably, we’ve all been extremely busy with our sim duties, but I have been able to get out and about a little bit. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen a massive amount of Germany, but I have been able to explore some of our neighboring countries a little bit!

As two-time world champion, you’ll be once more the driver to beat. How do you cope with this sort of pressure?

The way I cope with it is rather simple: it’s important not to get caught up in what has been achieved in the past; once the new season starts, the slate is cleared and it’s a completely new ball game with everyone having that same reset. I try to go into every season with the same drive to win. So, for me, coming into the season as the “driver to beat” doesn’t cross my mind.


Would you say that your driving style and strategy has changed over the last PESC season? You’re still the fastest driver in qualifying, so you definitely didn‘t slow down.

For sure it definitely did! After round one, I realised that my approach was far too aggressive, especially in the reverse grid races and this led to more unforced errors – something you can’t afford in a series as competitive as this one. So, I tried to focus on being more patient, biding my time, and making sure to always have the end goal in mind: that elusive championship win. Eventually, in the end, it worked out, but yeah, my approach from 2020 to 2021 changed drastically!


We saw your sticky note on your steering wheel: “patience”. Would you tell us what it is all about? And who put it there?

It definitely came from me! Basically, after round one, I knew I needed to change my approach and have a constant reminder to change that approach. Back in my early days of karting, we used to do this sometimes with remembering to tune the engine for the start of the race or at the start of a session. So, it’s kind of a bit of a throwback in a way but also a very effective reminder every time I get in the sim!


We are quite sure that you’ll be busy in other racing series before PESC 2022 starts. What are your expectations for the new season?

For sure it’s going to be a very busy offseason heading into the new year, but, for me, my expectations are always the same. Of course, I want to go out there and win, but all I can really ask of myself is to go and do the absolute best job I can!


Thanks a lot, Joshua! We keep our fingers crossed for you. Stay safe and healthy. And keep #NeverNotRacing.


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