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Road to #PESC 2022. Qualifying for the new season. #NeverNotRacing

When Porsche Motorsport, TAG Heuer and the simracing platform iRacing call for the world championship, the simracing elite assembles. Only the best virtual racing drivers participate in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing - the most talented grid of drivers in the virtual one-make cup. Stay tuned to this site for news and dates in the upcoming weeks.

PESC 2022 – Season 4 is waiting.

After three very successful years, the preparation for the fourth season is already in full swing - qualifying for it starts on 31 July with the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Qualifying Series. To ensure that the best of the best qualify, this year's qualifying process will take place in two stages: after the Qualifying Series, the fastest drivers will meet experienced PESC drivers in the so-called Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Contender Series. But let's start right now because the first step towards the PESC is the six races in the Qualifying Series.

Six races in qualifying.

To give the challengers a first taste of the fourth PESC season, qualifying races will take place across six race weekends. All virtual racers can participate via the simracing platform iRacing. An overview of when and on which race tracks the races will take place can be found here.

Top drivers make it to the Contender Series.

After six nail-biting race weekends, the fastest drivers will qualify for the Contender Series. They will meet half of the grid from the last PESC season who did not automatically qualify because they finished in 21st-40th place. The Contender Series will also be hotly contested over six consecutive race weekends. The special highlight: the Contender Series races will be live-streamed on the Porsche Twitch channel. We will shortly announce which drivers and tracks will be waiting for the winners of the Qualifying Series in the Contender Series. Until then: keep #NeverNotRacing