Anna Schwaiger: Against the current

What a weekend! It was filled with emotional moments – the wonderful, disappointing, and unexpected. The conditions were perfect. But if there’s one thing we can learn from this weekend, it’s to expect the unexpected.


Right off the bat we had our ups and downs. We were perfectly prepared for the race and particularly Pascal performed extremely well. Then the disqualification. Sure, we could have been miserable about that (and much more), but we didn’t let that get us down. And there are more pleasant things than having 3 cm of water running under the desk in the box and 5 cm under the car. But the mechanics took it in good spirits and let paper boats drift in the puddles.

That’s what we do at Porsche: making the best out of what we’ve been dealt. And if its beyond our control, we try and see the good in it. We stick together, are there for each other and face challenges together.


That really helped me on Sunday. I had a hard time picking myself back up to keep going. But the team was motivated for the next race, and we tried to go all out. All the hard work actually paid off … and then the disappointment followed again. Still, it was great to hear the fans cheering opposite of the box. Though the Formula E fans are quite active online, the fans are needed at the track too. We want the fans to enjoy the show and it sounded like they did.

I’ll be utilizing the 2 weeks after the race to continue working on my other projects – time’s running and these projects should enter their final lap too. At the track, all focus is on the race and that’s how it should be.


Then we already start preparing for New York again. Perhaps I'll take a day off beforehand to do a few things at home. We'll see. The schedule is tight, because it's going to be full throttle as usual.


It's time to look ahead and continue.


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