Shaped by tradition.

When it comes to aesthetics, the union of the future and tradition is held in high regard. Maintaining the old, while leading it forth into the present. And that is what defines today’s photo. In front of a backdrop of clean architectural edges, our eyes can roam across the gentle lines of the Porsche 935/78. An interplay of shapes, between the edgy and sleek. 
Between straight and sweeping. Iconic lines – reinterpreted.


As if that wasn’t enough thrill, the image contains – in harmony with the architecture – the new interpretation of the race car in the background: The inspiration by the former car is evident, yet the new one presents itself almost modestly. Expressing respect so clearly captured in the photo. Because both, the vehicle and the photo unite tradition and the future perfectly. Both display their confidence; both present their elegant results at the highest level.


Or to put it clearly: simply beautiful, beautifully simple.


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