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Charlie Collins interview


Interview with Charlie Collins – our PESC rookie of the season.

The most impressive rookie this season: get to know Charlie Collins.

You’re never too old to start simracing. There is no age that outqualifies you for virtual racing. On the other side: there are a few drivers in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing that still have to find the perfect balance between simracing and getting their maths homework done. One of them is Charlie Collins – #93 of the Virtual Racing School team. Not only did he qualify as the youngest participant on the grid, he outpaced them all. As rookie of the season and finisher on P3 overall, he clearly left no doubt that he is a future champion in the simracing world. We virtually sat down with Charlie to get to know him better. And now it’s your turn to do so, too:

Let’s get to know Charlie Collins.

Hey Charlie, it‘s been two months since the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing season found its end at Monza. Looking back at the whole season, how did you like it?


Charlie: After taking some time to review the season, I look back on it with fond memories at first but most of all the drive to do better and some big areas that I can focus on next year to try and improve on that points tally.


So, what was your favourite track of the season? And is it your favourite track in general, too?


Charlie: Although I didn't excel during the races there, I'd have to say that it’s a close matchup between Monza and Road Atlanta. As for a favourite track they are both high on the list.


With your third place overall, you conquered the grid and claimed ’Rookie of the season’. Must be an incredible feeling, right?


Charlie: Oh, coming across the line at Monza was such an extraordinary feeling that is hard to put into words, a lot of pressure off my shoulders and relief. Of course, I was also feeling extremely sorry for Dayne, my teammate, who was in the fight for third and fell victim to a last lap incident together with Mack. Neither of them were at fault.


Your teammates Josh and Mitchell were the only ones ahead of you in the overall standings. As team ’Virtual Racing School’ you managed to finish 1-2-3. A great team effort. How was the overall mood in the team? Was there ever a feeling of competitiveness between the three of you?


Charlie: The mood is something that I think contributes to the success of the team in a big way. Pre, during and post PESC it hasn't changed. We are a team that is always striving for the last tenth and will answer any question asked and won't hide anything from one another. As for a feeling of competitiveness, of course, it‘s the same with everybody in the team. That’s why we are here. The feeling of competitiveness is something that we all work off. Everyone is always pushing one another to really do their very best.


For now, enough about sports. Let‘s talk about you. How do you deal with going to school and becoming a professional simracer at the same time?


Charlie: It's not the easiest thing and luckily it only really got in the way in the last two or three rounds. As coming home from school you are really lethargic and practice is never properly maximised. However I’m sure I am not the only one who suffers from this.


What‘s your favourite school subject? And why?


Charlie: A tough question. I must say, would probably go with maths and a close second would be history. Maths as its probably the subject that I have found the content the easiest to digest and grasp. However, saying that, it seems to be getting more difficult by the day.


What’s the first thing you do, when school’s out and you come home?


Charlie: A cup of tea is essential. And then to kind of relax and plan out the evening, whether that's revision, driving on the sim or anything else that comes up.


Let’s talk about simracing once again. In the last PESC season you managed to score two pole positions. What did you feel when you realised that you'd beaten an entire grid of the world's fastest simracers?


Charlie: It’s a weird feeling. After going through the tough qualifying process and then this grid with talent in every driver it's pretty surreal when you line up on the grid with no one in front of you. Also I think it was a realisation that rookies can do well in this series even though it is at such a high level.


Last question: what are your goals for next season? Do you want to finish on top of the standings? Or what are your plans?


Charlie: For me the goal is an increased points tally if the series was to keep the same format. Secondly, more feature podiums, and thirdly, going forward in the races while being confident and measured. This was a big weak point for me last season and something I look to improve on for next season.


Thank you very much! We are eager to see you back on track in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing. We keep our fingers crossed. #NeverNotRacing