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Focused on success.

Pure concentration on every minute detail that counts. Eyes glued to the data sheet, the gestures expressive. Leaning on the Porsche 919, feeling the vehicle. As if it is right where it belongs, directly in the meeting. It is the very vehicle with which the team came to Le Mans in 2016, ready to fight for the overall victory once more.


These moments within the box are just as decisive for victory or defeat as those out on the track. Meticulously professional preparations geared for success. What is seen here in Le Mans 2016, is a true intense moment. Today, we can only speculate what it was about. But whatever it was, the protagonists of this photo are all aware of one thing: Every decision is elemental for success.


In motorsports, a single person cannot win a race. Every success is the success of the team. And the flowers of victory should be awarded to more than one. Especially in Le Mans. Especially in 2016.