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The victor's place.

Amid cheering crowds, waving flags – ready to be covered by the shower of victory confetti. All eyes on the car with the start number 2, which just moments ago claimed the 18th overall victory for Porsche at Le Mans in 2016. On the horizon, the overcast sky, the filled stands: a picture full of atmosphere and triumph. But sometimes a picture doesn't tell the whole story.

The packed stands saw a race that could not have been more dramatic. Because until the last lap, nobody knew who would be standing in this photo. Dramatic moments unfolded behind start number 2. And until shortly before the finish line, its drivers found themselves in second place after a gripping 24-hour battle against Toyota. In the final metres, they achieved the unbelievable: overall victory at Le Mans 2016. As brutal as motorsport can be for one team, it is just as triumphant for another.  

Through day and night, they never gave up. They got on with it. They kept fighting. They overcame every hurdle and conquered every challenge. A truly deserved victory. And now – they are finally ready to be covered in confetti and carried away by the cheers of the masses into the moment of success.