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Vincenzo Scali: time is a real luxury.

Thoughts of Monaco

I have mixed feelings when looking back on Monaco. On the one hand, the race and the result do not reflect what we as a team could have achieved – even if some things were beyond our control. On the other hand, Monaco itself is an impressive city with a legendary circuit. Which was very special.

Upon returning home, I felt we did a good job, despite the result. I think we made progress in many respects, compared to previous races. And we're becoming a very strong team. Every event is like a book. That tells its own story. One that starts with the preparations long before the actual event.


I was delighted that some fans were finally allowed back at the track. I saw them walking through the pit lane before the race. The way they looked at me made me feel incredible: as if I were a superhero! They looked over and said: ''Look, it's the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team''. That made me feel incredibly proud. Proud to be part of this team.

It was fantastic. Especially as the time leading up to the race wasn't easy for me. I was facing some challenges in my personal life, but race preparations can never be put on hold. It was an extremely stressful time. It took a great deal of effort to juggle everything. After all, I wanted to be 100% ready for the race, despite everything. In the end, all my problems and issues were resolved. Which was a huge relief. We're not just members of a team, we're people first and foremost.
Now we have some time to review the first half of the season. To see what we've learned, and immerse ourselves in the details: I'll calmly evaluate the data, talk to Pascal and share ideas with my colleagues.
I've been on the road almost non-stop for the past five weeks. Now I'm finally home and able to relax. I make time for breakfast and my morning meditation. Those ten minutes are a real luxury for me.

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