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Between room service and Monaco: Time for introspection.

Even days after the last race in Valencia, I have mixed feelings about it. When reflecting on the moments surrounding the races, there are many good things to remember despite the disappointment. I mean: Whenever we drove out, we drove good times. We were at the top during the qualifying and our pace in the rain was good. We definitively did our homework.


Still, I’m not satisfied with my results. And after a race like that, you can hardly await the next one. You want to prove what you can do and improve on the results. I’m happy about every single race right now – even if I personally missed the DNA of the Formula E on the track in Valencia. It’s easy to understand, the limits are a quick find and mistakes aren’t punished as severely as it would be on a classic Formula E city course. But as I noted before: I enjoy every single race! Of course, much is different right now – we need to stay in our bubble and can’t just head out for dinner in town with the team. Oh well …

After Valencia, it’s back to the simulator for preparations for me. Monaco is right around the corner since there’s just 2 weeks between the races. But let’s be honest: I love motorsport. Even if the travel, the preparations, and everything else sound stressful, I don’t feel stressed.


On the other hand, it was true stress to get something to eat for myself at 12 o’clock on departure day in Spain. If only the room service would have set the same pace as we did in the rain …


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