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The grand finale deserves a spectacular final show. #PESC

Before we preview the final race and the spectacular final show, let's look back – to the beginning of the season, which was over three months ago now. Back then, when every driver had zero points, we couldn’t wait for the season to start with the first virtual race in Brazil. And today, nine races later, just before the Grand Finale in Monza, we're just as excited. The tension has increased from race to race, rivalries have been inflamed and victories euphorically celebrated. A fantastic season is now set to culminate with the virtual finale in Monza. And on top of this, we've organised the Champion's Show to accompany the race on 24 April. More on that later.

Almost every position is still up for grabs.

Ahead of the Grand Finale in Monza, we can be sure of one thing: on a purely mathematical basis, Joshua Rogers can no longer be overtaken by any of his opponents – but according to the rules, the champion can only be crowned after the tenth race of the season. Behind Joshua Rogers in the standings, however, none of the drivers can be sure of their current position. Mitchell deJong and Sebastian Job will battle it out for second place in the championship in Monza. Kevin Ellis Jr, Dayne Warren and Charlie Collins will give nothing away, because they're aiming to finish in fourth place. Tommy Østgaard and Zac Campbell still have an outside chance – because as we know: anything is possible in the PESC. And the remaining top 20 positions in the championship also promise major excitement. Because the top 20 drivers will automatically qualify for next season. The Italian rookie driver, Moreno Sirica, currently has the best starting position, but ultimately every single point could be crucial.

The live champion's show.

And if all that wasn't dramatic enough, we're also offering an entertaining show with a great many highlights and a few surprises. As already announced, we're welcoming Matthew Trivett, better known as Sadokist, to the Porsche Experience Centre in Hockenheim as our studio show master. Matthew will be joined in the studio by the All-Star driver, Dan Suzuki. While Ayhancan Güven, real-life Porsche Motorsport Junior and simracer from Coanda Simsport, will take part in the race live in the studio. Together with our partners, iRacing and TAG Heuer, we're planning more surprises.

Save the race date.

The show and the final race will take place on 24 April. To cover all the action, the stream will begin earlier than usual. From 16:50 (UTC), or 18:50 (CEST), we'll be streaming live on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as the Porsche Facebook site. Join us as we celebrate the fantastic 2021 season in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing. #NeverNotRacing

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