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One of the Porsche drivers gently, almost lovingly, touching the Le Mans trophy in 2016. His finger carefully brushing the glass globe that artistically adorns the top. It – like the rest of the trophy – still bears the champagne from the podium celebration. It is safe to assume that tears of joy are also mixed in with these droplets. Countless fingerprints mark the golden trophy because this victory has been achieved with the help of many hands.


Just like the previous year, the legendary challenge cup was raised aloft and emotions were released. Once again, the world of motorsport was literally in our hands. Winning Le Mans makes us proud. And in 2016 even humble. After two consecutive victories, only one more is needed to take the trophy away from Le Mans and bring it home to Zuffenhausen. Forever.


This photo captures an almost intimate moment of calm amidst all the commotion. It also shows just how careful we are with what we have fought so hard to achieve. And aptly encapsulates the spirit of Porsche at Le Mans: to attack during the race, without simply reaching for the trophy. Proving that we are worthy of it, despite the victory. And Porsche is worthy of it. By the way, everybody in the world of motorsport knows where this unique trophy, comprising of a globe and golden numerals, has found a permanent home.


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