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Has the preliminary championship decision already been made? Race #8 in the PESC.

After a spectacular victory in the sprint race, reigning champion, Sebastian Job, could hardly conceal his delight, subsequently describing his performance as "the best race of my life". But sometimes there are just a few seconds between euphoria and disappointment in motorsport: Sebastian Job had to withdraw from the main race due to engine failure, missing the chance to gain important points in the championship battle. Joshua Rogers, on the other hand, extended his lead, taking third place in the sprint race and securing a sensational win in the main race. With one hand on the trophy, he's now preparing for the last two races of the season.

A sprint duel over the full distance.

The initial phase of the sprint race was mainly characterised by extremely well-executed overtaking manoeuvres and full contact. Some drivers had to return to the pits after the first two bends, leaving them with no option but to observe the action on the track. And the race had plenty of action: Sebastian Job chased second place Joshua Rogers in lockstep through the Green Hell, before finally overtaking him on the Döttinger Höhe, thanks to the slipstream. But Rogers fought back, with the Australian retaking the lead in bend one of the Grand Prix part of the track. Mitchell deJong trailed the two leading drivers in third place and watched the same spectacle unfold on lap two, as Job overtook Rogers. Rogers then regained the lead at the end of the start-finish straight. The spectators - and probably also the protagonists - held their breath at the end of the third and final lap of the sprint race. Rogers once again led the trio on the Döttinger Höhe. Sebastian Job and Mitchell deJong started to overtake at the same time. And what about Joshua Rogers? All he could do was watch as he was overtaken by his rivals to his left and right.

Job beset by bad luck in the main race.

The main race again began with a tough battle on the GP track. Sebastian Job and Joshua Rogers displayed the full extent of their talent, overtaking the drivers ahead of them. Thanks to their good starting position, they stormed through the Green Hell – but the race came to an abrupt conclusion for Sebastian Job: engine failure put an end to the British driver's quest for points. It was now up to Joshua Rogers to capitalise on his withdrawal. In lap two, the Australian put his skills to the ultimate test when he simultaneously left three rivals in the wake of his 911 GT3 Cup on the Döttinger Höhe, moving up to first place. Behind him, the Norwegian driver, Tommy Østgaard, and Portuguese driver, Diogo Pinto, staged a tight battle until the final bend – with the southern European coming out on top. The rookie driver finished the main race in second place, ahead of Tommy Østgaard in third.

Will the championship be decided in Le Mans?

Due to his withdrawal from the main race, Sebastian Job slipped to third place in the overall standings. Mitchell deJong overtook the British driver and is now the closest rival of title contender, Joshua Rogers. But the Australian is ahead of his teammate with 127 points and has extended his lead over Sebastian Job to 148 points. With a maximum of 170 points, there is every reason to think that the championship title will be decided in Le Mans. We'll find out if this will be the case on 10 April on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as on the Porsche Facebook page. The All-Stars will also be competing on the 13.6km-long virtual race track in France. Who will set the speed? We're looking forward to finding out. #NeverNotRacing

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