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Sebastian Job delivers a master class performance at Spa-Francorchamps. Race #7 in the PESC.

Sebastian Job, the reigning champion from Red Bull Racing Esports, no doubt breathed a sigh of relief when he crossed the finish line first for the second time this evening in the seventh round of the season on Saturday. He probably thought to himself: ''I'm back. Right in the middle of the battle for the championship.'' What preceded this impressive double victory? Spectacular, thrilling highlights in a hotly contested field on the famous Belgian roller coaster Spa-Francorchamps.

An exciting qualification. Race-deciding action in the first lap.

After iRacing had released a comprehensive update of the simulation software in the run-up to the race, the virtual world of motorsport was eagerly anticipating PESC qualification. Joshua Rogers' pole position and his teammate Mitchell deJong's second place came as little surprise. The difference between the two was just 0.001 seconds. Rookie Charlie Collins qualified in third on the grid alongside Sebastian Job in fourth. High drama followed a spectacular start in the first round. Joshua Rogers and Mitchell deJong were unable to avoid contact that catapulted them both off the track, giving their biggest rival in the championship a free pass. Charlie Collins tried with all his might to challenge the champion, but in the end Sebastian Job triumphed over his compatriot. Alejandro Sánchez, benefiting from the incident on the first lap and an excellent driving performance, crossed the finishing line in third place.

Sebastian Job sets the pace.

Due to his eighth place in the sprint race, Zac Campbell led the starting field into the first corner of the main race. A crash occurred in the notorious Les Combes corner. The main victim was Dayne Warren – along with the entire field behind him. Alejandro Sánchez reaped the benefits and was now leading the field, closely followed by Sebastian Job and Charlie Collins. The rookie delivered one of the best overtaking manoeuvres of the race on the fifth lap, passing both Sebastian Job and Alejandro Sánchez on the Kemmel straight. Regrettably, however, he dropped many positions due to a slow-down penalty. Sebastian Job and Alejandro Sánchez then had a thrilling fight for first place. But even behind them, Tommy Østgaard and Max Benecke gave the spectators a few changes of position to enjoy. But as already said, the last word belonged to Sebastian Job. He won the race in a thrilling photo finish ahead of Alejandro Sánchez and Max Benecke.

The Green Hell awaits: round eight on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

What's next for Sebastian Job and the world's best simracers? The remainder of a breathtaking programme is waiting for them. Next they will meet for a duel in the Green Hell at the Nürburgring. As always, the popular all-stars will of course be part of the party. Join us live on 27 March as the season enters crunch time. Watch the race on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channel as well as on the Porsche Facebook page. #NeverNotRacing


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