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Full contact in Canada: Race #6 in the PESC, Montreal.

In race #6 of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing it was once again Sebastian Job versus Joshua Rogers. But true to the saying 'when two people quarrel, a third rejoices', it was Mitchell deJong who set the tone, or rather the pace, in the main race. Just as last week, a rookie driver achieved the fastest lap in the qualifying: Zac Campbell started from pole position – on a race track that he had already described as his greatest personal challenge during the pre-season phase.

Head-to-head sprint race.

As well as Zac Campbell in pole position, two other rookie drivers joined the top 10 line-up: evergreen, Charlie Collins, and Diogo C. Pinto, who had previously been dogged by bad luck. At the outset, Joshua Rogers and Sebastian Job trailed Zac Campbell. The American got off to the best start, pulling away from the two leading favourites. The initial phase at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve was characterised by hard-fought duels and lots of full contact. On lap two, the inevitable happened: Joshua Rogers overtook Zac Campbell. Just before the end of the lap, in the famous hairpin bend, the reigning champion, Sebastian Job, also passed the American. And what happened in the following eight laps? A top-class duel at the head of the pack. Job attacked Rogers. Rogers skilfully defended himself. Behind them, Zac Campbell was waiting for his chance. On the penultimate lap, Sebastian Job touched the 'Wall of Champions', which really lived up to its name. But Zac Campbell failed to take advantage of this mistake, meaning that the ranking remained unchanged, with Joshua Rogers clinching victory in the sprint race.

No problem for Mitchell deJong – thanks to a perfect strategy.

As the top eight sprint race drivers start the 20-lap main race in reverse order, it was a question of strategy for Mitchell deJong as to whether he should attempt another attack while lying in eighth place at the end of the sprint race. He decided against it, thereby securing pole position on the grid, which he defended with breathtaking accuracy until the end, thereby celebrating his first victory in the main race. Atonement for last week's race at Road Atlanta. Kevin Ellis Jr finished in second place, having rediscovered his good fortune following a brief unlucky spell. Tuomas Tähtelä completed the podium ahead of Zac Campbell in fourth place. The next two places went to the Red Bull Racing Esports drivers, Graham Carroll and Sebastian Job. The champion fought a head-to-head race with Joshua Rogers over almost the entire distance – as you might expect. Especially from lap 15 onwards, spectators were treated to thrilling duels between the two. And in the midst of the action, rookie driver, Diogo C. Pinto, attempted to push his luck, taking on both of them at the same time.

On to the roller coaster: the action continues at Spa-Francorchamps.

What is the best thing about the PESC? It offers a conveyor belt of highlights. The final phase of PESC is due to start on 13 March at one of the world's most famous race tracks: Spa-Francorchamps. Will Sebastian Job earn highly coveted points in the championship battle? Last year, he secured two victories at the virtual race in Belgium. Also competing again, of course, will be the All-Stars, who after three races in the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport must now get used to the 911 RSR. On 13 March from 17:30PM (UTC), you can watch the next race live on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as the Porsche Facebook site. #NeverNotRacing


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