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An alliance to fill the gap.

What’s important is to be able to count on a reliable partner. That’s a fact in many walks of life – and Motorsport is no different. Because Motorsport is where teamplay is essential.

Engaging in motorsport means performing all around the world. Race series, legendary tracks, fans and teams around the globe. Those who want to be part of this world are bound to think big. And what counts for a race, counts for the organizational race proceedings: victory is not the work of an individual. It needs team players.

Tipping the scales.

The IMSA without the rich sound of a Porsche 911 RSR? Hard to imagine. These thoughts may have gone through the heads in the halls of Proton Competition. After an end to the factory involvement of Porsche, it looked pretty bleak for the American race series. But not all hope was lost. The plan to join the IMSA was long in the making in the Swabian town of Ummendorf, but a final tip of the scale was needed to make this plan come to fruition. Maybe the time had not yet come, maybe the right partner hadn’t been found just yet – someone with an equal teamplay mentality. But then, things were on a roll: entering the IMSA after an alliance with an US American team. By moving forward with the Porsche 911 RSR, Proton Competition and WeatherTech fill the racing gap. And give fans the chance to revel in the sound of the RSR on the famous racetracks of the US. But: How did this come about?

This and much more will be revealed by Christian Ried and Cooper MacNeil themselves – namely in an exclusive interview for the Porsche Motorsport Hub.


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