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Not for the faint-hearted: race #4 of PESC.

Another weekend of racing in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup by iRacing has come to an end. But above all, we see a race day full of surprises, drama, excitement and emotion come to an end. Mitchell deJong, who is in great form this season, was victorious for the first time. Also, Sebastian Job from Red Bull Racing Esports was able to celebrate the home victory in the feature race.

Surprises in qualifying. Mitchell deJong all alone at the front.

Typically, the fight for pole position is a straightforward matter for Joshua Rogers. But the Australian has some tough competition this season. The time gaps show how intense the competition is: 0.183 seconds lie between first and sixth place, where Joshua Rogers qualified in the end. Pole-setter Mitchell deJong then led the field into the seven laps of the sprint race from position one. Sebastian Job had a head-to-head race with Dayne Warren over the first laps of the race. Behind him, Joshua Rogers passed his teammate Charlie Collins and the Norwegian Tommy Østgaard. After four laps it was down to Joshua Rogers versus Sebastian Job in the battle for third place. A heated scene developed between the two exceptional racers. And the smiling third, or in this case first: Mitchell deJong, who drove his laps alone at the top and achieved his first victory of the season. After a braking mistake by Sebastian Job, Joshua Rogers passed the Brit shortly before the fourth race lap. A short time later, Joshua Rogers overtook his compatriot Dayne Warren and finally crossed the finish line in second place.

Once again: Sebastian Job versus Joshua Rogers.

Rarely has the outcome of a race in the PESC been so uncertain as on the Silverstone Circuit. The first eight racers started in reverse order in a 14-lap chase on the 5.891km track. Tommy Østgaard initially left his competitors behind. Starting from fifth place, Sebastian Job overtook Charlie Collins on lap one and successively worked his way through the field. The drama then wrote its own story: on the start-finish straight, Sebastian Job collided with Tommy Østgaard. The Briton found his way back onto the track almost unscathed, but the race was basically over for the Norwegian. The beneficiaries were Mack Bakkum and Joshua Rogers. But for the reigning champion, there was only one thing to do after that: full throttle. The duel between the PESC champions developed quickly again, and it was Sebastian Job versus Joshua Rogers. After 14 laps, during which the spectators probably stopped breathing once or twice due to the tension, Sebastian Job triumphed over Joshua Rogers. Mack Bakkum crossed the finish line in third place, ending a very successful race weekend on the podium.

After two weeks, we’ll meet again on Road Atlanta.

Following a dramatic weekend at Silverstone, the world's best simracers meet again on the Road Atlanta. But they will benefit from their PESC-free weekend. To switch off, prepare and refine their strategies. Because it's show time again on 20 February: may the fastest pilot win. Of course, the All-Stars will return on the Road Atlanta. Will we see a similarly exciting head-to-head race at the All-Stars? We'll experience it live: on 20 February from 17:30PM (UTC) on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channel as well as on the Porsche Facebook site. #NeverNotRacing


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