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After the game is before the game.

In motorsports, exciting stories are always written. Every finish line is also the starting signal for the next challenge, the next race or the next season. But what actually happens in the time after the season when there is peace and quiet on the racetracks of this world? When the racing teams retire to their headquarters, lock themselves up in their garages and work meticulously to get back more strongly before the next game?

The answer’s simple: The passion for racing burns on, even behind locked garages.

We had a great start into the electric street racing series last year. And although we’re missing some essential experience on several tracks due to recent world events, we’re looking into Season 7 and simultaneously the first FIA Formula E World Championship with nothing but confidence.

Before we get into the seventh season, we analyse, adjust, improve and train. We spend countless hours in the simulator, endless data to check and multi-faceted workouts, because this is the moment when greatness is built.

Our goal for season 7? To win races, with all ambition and passion that we have in our bones. Whether on the racetrack or behind the scenes, we are ready. With a new driver in the team, an improved Porsche 99X Electric and the last season at our backs, the team is prepared for the coming season after the final test in Valencia.

You don’t win races without being prepared. If you do, it’s luck.

Amiel LindesayTeam Principal TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

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