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2020 or to the last stint.

The year 2020 enters its final laps in high speed. A year that couldn’t have been less unusual. Particularly for the Porsche GT segment, it embodied an important motorsport adage.

The true success of a race is only proven throughout its course – which will run until the checkered flag is waved. Why does this simple statement represent the past year so well?

Sadly, from an early moment of the year onwards, an empty grandstand was commonplace for the racetracks around the world. The drivers must have felt lonely while battling day by day, night by night, and lap by lap for precious seconds to gain an advantage. As usual in athletic competitions: against each other. And yet, this year, together – with each other. For each other. And for the sport. For the fans in front of their screens, unable to be a part of the WEC, IMSA or Cup series spectacles.

Breakthrough success.

It was a rough start into the year for Porsche as well: tough races, a break in racing and the insecurity of how and when things will go on. The breakthrough success happened during a very special race. Since a return to the racetracks still had a long way to go, the anniversary in Le Mans had to look a little different.

The anniversary year for Porsche in Le Mans was no grand cavalcade on the Circuit de la Sarthe. This year, the race took place digitally: The virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans were more than a highlight – they were a premiere. And befittingly, it came with a premier victory for Porsche. The Porsche Esports Team managed to set itself apart during the SimRace and could score a victory during the historical first virtual rendition of a classic. And just like that, a switch was flipped, success came about. Including in the final IMSA season, where multiple victories were won throughout the remaining races – most notably the double victory during the grand finale in Sebring. On top of that, a victory during the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and additions to the title collection in customer racing. During the final stint of the year, the Porsche Motorsport community proved itself once again.

Final appeasement.

This year filled with new emerging challenges was all about staying adaptive. In the best way possible. And both, the Porsche factory team and the customer teams delivered. As a result, it’s possible to call the year 2020 unusual, yet successful for GT racing. And thus, the motorsport adage did indeed come true: Every race – every year – is raced all the way to the final stint. During the race, there’s time left to gain the upper hand until the checkered flag is waved. And be it on the final stretch.


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