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The right mixtape for the 99X Electric.

Playful, dynamic and loud. That’s how illustrator Andy Gellenberg would best describe his art.

The internet’s darling has countless fans, including Basketball superstar LeBron James, who owns two original artworks himself. But before Gellenberg became a Graphic Designer he was a simple shoe salesman, but his true passion resonated deeply.

Sport and music are recurrent themes in his work, becoming fascinated by Porsche ever since he was a child, pretending to race his uncle’s 914. In this interview Andy tells us how the dynamics of motorsports influenced the artworks for Team TAG Heuer Porsche, where he draws inspiration from and what a possible Porsche 99X Electric x Gellenberg could look like.

Why is sports a recurrent theme in your artworks?

Sport has always been an important part of my life and still is today. Michael Jordan and Ronaldo were some of my first idols and I was always really impressed by their energy and creativity.

Is Porsche close to your heart?

My uncle used to have a 914. He lived right next door and I remember sitting on the driver’s seat imagining myself racing. I was just fascinated by this car.

What was your approach to the artworks for TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E?

I always try to approach my artworks in a playful way. Sometimes I already have a strong picture in mind, but a lot of times things just develop in the process. One of the most important things is to know, that it’s ok to make mistakes. That’s what makes new things come alive.

Did you know right from the start, how the artwork was going to look?

My aim was to capture the energy surrounding the car and the team without being too figurative. I wanted to express a feeling. The energy and the dynamics of motorsports.

If you had to describe the artwork with only three adjectives, which ones would you use?

Playful, dynamic, loud.

Have you already been in some kind of contact with Formula E?

Not really, but now I´m definitely curious. I think the step towards driving electric just makes sense to me and I would really like to watch a race someday.

From an artist’s point of view, how would you describe the car?

I really like the futuristic design. It reminds me of Batman’s Batmobile.

If you could, how would you design the Porsche 99X Electric livery?

Yes, I would really love to do that. In any case it is going to get wild. I could imagine only designing the back of the 99X Electric, creating a very cool contrast by keeping the front part very simple and clean. In terms of designs I can really see a collage of different textures and patterns. Then it’s also possible to integrate ideas of the drivers and get inspired by the whole team.

If your artworks were a musical genre, which ones would they be?

A bit of Hip Hop, a bit of Rock ´n´ Roll and a pinch of free jazz. It’s all about the mixture.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I get inspired by lot of different kinds of artists like for example Jean Michel Basquiat, KAWS or Kanye West.