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Through the eyes of the champion: a typical race day in the PESC.

A lead of almost 100 points on second place. Thirteen times on the podium. And, of those, six times on top. The numbers speak for themselves. Nevertheless, we’re adding another attribute to Sebastian Job’s PESC season: mastery. But, as is the case in real motorsport, this level of performance doesn’t come by is no accident. It requires daily training and a perfect plan for race day. To show us what it takes, the reigning champion gave us a special insight into his race day routine.

Routine pays off.

A typical race day for Sebastian Job usually starts between 9 and 10 in the morning. Of course, perfect preparation is paramount – for the young Brit, this means the right breakfast to get body and soul in gear for the upcoming race day: the usual choice is muesli with fruit. This is followed by a short workout: working up a light sweat. Job’s main priority is bringing his body up to the right running temperature. He grabs a shower for one final kick and then it’s time to head to his rig.

Closer to a best time with every lap.

Along with talent, the greatest contributing factor to Sebastian Job’s success is meticulous preparation. Naturally, this begins not on the morning of race day, but two weeks prior to the event. Then, when the time comes to sit in his rig on race day, he is well prepared and has one thing in his sights. The champion takes it to the racetrack of the respective race weekend and completes a few warm-up laps. After that, it’s down to racing and qualifying simulations. And he does this in all possible weather conditions so that he can react quickly in all race situations. For Job, these last few hours are crucial. To focus and to push himself to the absolute limit one more time. Like almost every professional athlete, he does this armed with a music playlist – which also serves as a way to completely seal himself off from the outside world. ‘Under Control’ by Calvin Harris is currently at the top of his playlist.

Fiercely contested PESC.

At the PESC, it’s about reaching your absolute limit within the first few seconds. From the qualifying to the final round of the main race, things are incredibly tense for the top PESC athletes. The distinctive feature is surely the short break between the sprint and main races. The virtual pilots have barely a chance to breathe. The pace never lets up. Of course, Job knows that as a professional simracer he is not subject to the same amount of physical strain as he would be in a real race. However, his configuration is set up to be as realistic as possible. This means he is not immune to the odd sore muscle after a strenuous race day. And then there are the obvious mental demands that Job faces – often being chased down by 39 of the best simracers in the world. And as a result, he is left just as – if not more – exhausted as if he’d just completed an intense workout.

After the storm comes the calm.

For Job, the champagne shower usually doesn't take place until the evening after the race when he celebrates with friends. At the moment, the celebrations are, understandably, rather limited, but this matters little to Job, whose mind is usually already filled with thoughts of his next race. Because, the very next morning, it’s back to maximum concentration and, ideally: full throttle.

Credit where credit is due.

Sebastian Job’s efforts and daily training have paid off: alongside TAG Heuer, the main sponsor of the PESC, at the end of 2020 the champion of the Red Bull Racing Esports was awarded a TAG Heuer Smartwatch at the Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone as a non-cash prize for his exceptional performance. An additional highlight during the visit to Silverstone was the showcasing of a highly special race car: the 911 GT3 Cup in the winning design. The delight on our PESC champion’s face was clear to see.


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