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Emotional farewell from IMSA of the 912 drivers.

The IMSA race in Sebring is done, the Porsche factory commitment in the series over. Admittedly, it’s a bespoke exit – but it is still wistful.

Authentic and honest.

Right in the middle of the preparations for the final IMSA race, Earl Bamber and Laurens Vanthoor took the time to film a self-made video. In this emotional insight, both drivers of the Porsche 911 RSR with the starting number 912 speak of the times they shared, dear memories and about the things they will miss. A short video for the fans developed into a glance into the inner goings of the factory drivers, right before their great final performance during the IMSA: honest, authentic and intimate.

Victories have been celebrated and challenges mastered – together. And now? Now, it’s one last farewell, spoken as one, “Goodbye IMSA. Thank You!”


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