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IMSA: great races, great victories.

Every race is a spectacle in itself. And that’s true for the IMSA as well: demanding racetracks, varying weather conditions and each year a strong field of drivers. An additional component that makes the victories throughout the IMSA all the more special. Throughout time, Porsche scored multiple victories on various racetracks. Our winners’ gallery contains a chronological selection of memorable moments of victory throughout 6 years of IMSA.

Successful comeback: The entire team celebrating their success in Daytona, 2014.

At the top in the Lone Star State: Earl Bamber and Lauren Vanthoor win on the Circuit of The Americas in 2014.

Another cause for celebration: 2015 in Watkins Glen.

Up close: The first to lay eyes on the checkered flag in Virginia, 2015.

Champagne showers in Long Beach: Porsche scored a victory in 2016 as well.

Teamwork is worth it: Success on the Road America in 2016.

Bright faces in Sebring: With more than enough reasons for laughter in 2018.

Shared joy: The team experienced moments of happiness on the Road Atlanta in 2018.

Top spot on the podium in Ohio: Porsche provided the winning duo in 2019.

Double podium at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park: The Porsche drivers standing there on position 1 and 2 in 2019.

The most recent success: In 2020, Porsche wins for the first time at Laguna Seca.