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The last tango: the Sebring racetrack in detail.

This upcoming weekend, both Porsche works drivers will be starting their 911 RSRs for the last time during the IMSA. The factory commitment will end on the famous racetrack in Sebring. But before the checkered flag is waved, the drivers have to face a truly demanding racetrack: On the roughly over 6-kilometer-long circuit, 17 curves and a few high-speed passages await the drivers. The road surface will also play a role during the 12-hour-long race. In Sebring, the drivers will face a mix of asphalt and concrete due to the track being set up on an old airport site. It also achieved its infamy thanks to the extreme bumps. This combination turns Sebring into a true challenge for the drivers.

With a victory in Sebring this upcoming race – leading to a total of 4 wins – the track would be the most successful racetrack within the IMSA for Porsche.

Fans can strap in for a thrilling final race. Anyone interested can take a look at the racetrack to get into the mood: The track along with its challenges is explained in detail in the video.


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