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A season full of highlights. The Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup.

The 2020 season is over. Sebastian Job from Red Bull Racing Esports is a well-deserved overall winner and can take pride in his great performance. Former champion Joshua Rogers looks back on a mixed season – and that’s really saying something, seeing as he finished 2nd in the overall standings. Shortly before qualification for next season starts heating up, let’s take a look back together on a season that had a lot of amazing moments.

Red Bull Racing Esports sets the pace in this season.

Of course, the performance of the new champion stands out. But Sebastian Job's teammates also caused a stir on the track in one way or another. For example, Graham Carroll, who finished 8th overall, achieved his first race win in the first sprint race of the season in Zandvoort. Other strong performances followed and, which gave him the essential points he needed to fight for the top positions. Graham Carroll also proved to be a real team player, always putting the team’s success before his own. A big character in the simracing talent. And the third in the pack is Patrik Holzmann, who, with the two 12th place finishes in the last race in Monza, secured 19th place in the overall standings, thereby securing his place on the start grid next season.

Top talents in the VRS Coanda Simsport team.

The simracers surrounding the Australian Joshua Rogers had started the new season with high ambitions. The team had to wait until the sprint race in Silverstone for their first victory: Jeremy Bouteloup secured the win and, like nearly all of his teammates, will return next year. While looking at the results of the qualifying sessions, there is no forgetting Joshua Rogers: with 8 out of 10 possible pole positions, he set the benchmark this season. Besides Rogers and Bouteloup, teammates Tommy Østgaard, Mack Bakkum, Dayne Warren, Ricardo Castro Ledo, Martin Krönke and David Williams also made it into the top 20 - and thus safely into next season.

New faces at the top of the game.

Already at the start of the new season, it was clear to see that the simracing elite is no longer just a handful of young talented racers. Many simracers this season have made it clear why they deserve their spot in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup. Of course, we should also mention Alejandro Sánchez and Max Benecke, who were able to call on their performance in almost every race. But even Kevin Ellis Jr and Jeff Giassi caught our attention with their top 10 finishes.

Here are the season results at a glance:

The new season will start very soon.

The world's best simracers don't have much time to catch their breath. Qualifying for the 20 free places for next season's Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup will begin on 20 October. Until 21 November, all simracers have the chance to qualify for next season's Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup and challenge Sebastian Job on the world's most beautiful race tracks. #jointherace #simracing #nevernotracing


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